Starmer’s Anti British Agenda EXPOSED

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Starmer’s Anti British Agenda EXPOSED

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. People Forget that like his friend the disgrace of London, Sadiq Khan, he is a Fabian or in other words a Marxist who is too
    lily livered to say exactly what they are, he is a man steeped in deceit, whose record the MSM never scrutinise….

  2. You are to dumb to understand simple thing, Stamer is not attacking the measures BoJo implemented, but the way and quality of implementation. Furlough scheme = good, ending it = bad, Testing people = good, but F***ing the testing up = bad. Get it? I guess you are to stupid to even get that, or you are paid enough from BoJo clan to drive his bullshit as masterplan. Grow up

  3. Kier Starmer is running Boris Johnson ragged,and you know it. He has made up a 20 point deficit in the polls in virtually no time at all.
    The tory party is in disarray and the disastrous consquences of brexit haven't even hit home yet. Keep it it up boys,you are giving the rest of us a bloody good laugh.

  4. There is no political party in this country who would produce a manifesto four years before the election and in the middle of the worst crisis the UK has faced in generations. It shows how shallow Tousi's 'criticism' is.

  5. Johnson has to take responsibility for the strategy he has adopted to deal with the virus. It doesn't matter that other countries followed similarly destructive policies.

  6. This new Labour leader is absolutely horrible he slags off Boris all the time and has not helped through this epidemic and lies all the time.

  7. Good old Kier Stoma ,you can picture him at some dull dinner party full of right on lefties and getting their un biased views on if British troops should be dragged in front of some human rights court before he abstained ,