State Dept. Approves $1.1B Arms Sale to Taiwan | Trailer | China in Focus

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The biggest Taiwan arms sale under President Joe Biden is coming in at $1.1 billion. But can Washington deliver the weapons in time?

U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports will stay in place—at least for now, after requests from several industries.

A major earthquake is shaking a city in southwest China. Twenty-one million are under lockdown orders there—some of them blocked from fleeing their buildings.

The UK, one of America’s closest allies, gets a new prime minister. We look at its stance on China and Russia.

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State Dept. Approves $1.1B Arms Sale to Taiwan | Trailer | China in Focus
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  1. When is this administration going to be held accountable for all the money that is being pumped into ukraine? ? Who's pockets is it lining. This administration is a disgrace to this country

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