State Dept. Believes Taliban Government Will Be “Inclusive”

Good luck with that.

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Written by Dinesh D'Souza


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  1. What an idiot!!!! Does he really believe it or does he think we believe this asinine statement. Ya people will make good by be-heading people. I would tell this guy right to his face.

  2. Islamism is never inclusive. Here in my country the Philippines, I have yet to see a homosexual Muslim expose himself as gay. I'm 60 and I live at a walking distance to Quiapo Arlegui Mosque

  3. Hey, at least he isn't telegraphing the coming terror attacks they set up for the USA… yessiree, import a bunch of people whose nation you bombed for 20 years…
    I'm certain the MIC and the lib tyranny will be greatly pleased screaming white nazis should have never been so xenophobic and made Afghanis so mad…

  4. There's no such thing as an Afghan government unless you're talking about the sheep governing themselves and I mean sheep not sheeple I mean sheep the area is not governable except by insane strong men like Saddam Hussein and such it's a bunch of tribes that don't like each other unless they have a common enemy at hand to battle with. It's just this delusional as George Bush the w..

  5. So "inclusive" that they are attacking the Panjshir Valley and beating women's asses? Why does the Biden Administration think nobody knows what's going on in Afghanistan but them?

  6. This is a broken man speaking who on some level knows the truth. The world is watching evil destroying itself and its wonderful. Keep the faith world patriots, God and the good and the Light will win.

  7. The Taliban is not a government. According to the U.N. they are a terrorist organization. Two basic tenets of being American are number one We DO NOT leave AMERICANS behind enemy lines and the Taliban are our enemies and number two We DO NOT make deals with terrorists like the Taliban.

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