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State of Incoherence – Covid Cognitive Dissonance (Personal Opinion / Discussion)


For the vast majority of people who’ve taken one of the covid vaccines, the cognitive dissonance of people that refuse the vaccines appears obvious.

Yes the vaccine can have side effects, however the risk of those side effects is greatly outweighed by the risk of catching the virus.

The vast majority of people have chosen their position:

vaccines work, lock downs saved lives and the government needs to take drastic action to save lives

But it’s when the current policies themselves create cognitive dissonance it appears people are less open to questioning those policies and considering alternatives with an open mind.

An example of this is that governments across Australia mandated that to work an employee needed to be double vaccinated.

Fair enough – the non-vaccinated spread covid and clog up the hospitals – sucks for them but it’s for the greater good.

But governments have now changed their position:

people who are vaccinated and have the virus are expected to keep working, ignore those old rules about stopping the spread, we need people working!

In health care and other vital industries – people with covid are working and spreading covid like wildfire – apparently spreading the virus to someone’s grandma and the immunocompromised isn’t such a concern anymore – it’s hospitalisations that matter!

If we’re now accepted the vaccinated are going to be spreading the virus to our granny and the immunocompromised – what has changed in the last few months? Whas that never really an issue, or we just don’t care anymore?

Can one be vaccinated and also a selfish plague rat? What happened to all those people that didn’t want non-vaccinated entering a cafe because they might spread covid? Is that not a concern if one catches ‘vaccinated covid’?

Meanwhile the non-vaccinated who have been pushed into unemployment are still not allowed to work to sustain themselves – despite critical labour shortages and serious questions on human rights

Yes, the risk is still just too great. It’s not about punishment – it’s about the hospitals! Just ignore that whether the non-vaccinated work or not they are going to get covid.

Ok, so what are the current stats on vaccinated/non-vaccinated in ICU or deaths? Simple, we can check the daily reports which clearly spell out how it is a pandemic of the non-vaccinated!

Damn, but that information isn’t available anymore… The last government providing transparent information, NSW – stopped reporting the data from the 6th of January after 20 of 27 people who died in that week were either double or triple vaccinated. 7 were single or not-vaccinated – nearly all were elderly or with underlying health conditions.

Date 3x / 2x vaxxed deaths 0 / 1x vaxxed deaths

Date3x / 2x vaxxed deaths0 / 1x vaxxed deaths
30 Dec01
31 Dec42
1 Jan22
2 Jan20
3 Jan40
4 Jan20
5 Jan62
6 JanNo longer reported

From here on in we cannot call it a pandemic of the non-vaccinated because the data is not available. What we do know is that it’s been a pandemic of the elderly and those with serious underlying health conditions. It always has been.

The young and healthy (vaccinated or not) are the ones who are out and catching and spreading the virus. It’s the elderly and those with serious health conditions which are ending up in hospital and dying. What’s changed is it’s the vaccinated who are the ones spreading covid to them and sending them to hospital.

Believing that everyone needs to be vaccinated to stop the spread and hospitalisations while accepting people are out and working while infectious is cognitive dissonance. Believing that young and healthy people shouldn’t be allowed to work or live their lives because they have made their own decisions while the government orders infectious to keep working is cognitive dissonance.

Believing that people should be barred from working if they don’t get a third jab, while the whole population is getting infected with omicron and getting on with their lives is cognitive dissonance.

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