State Of The Union Clapback

It’s been a crapshoot for a while.


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#SOTU #StateOfTheUnion

Written by ShortFatOtaku

Hi, I'm SFO, and on this channel I make political and philosophical content. There's a lot wrong with the world at the moment, and I don't really have any way to affect political change other than making videos on pertinent topics, so I'll do what I can. My political position is a liberal centrist - I believe that free western capitalist democracy is the best political system we have, and that it's under attack from all sides, from SJWs, from religious extremism, from radical feminism, from identitarianism, from both progressivism and regressivism, from extremism from both ends of the political spectrum. If you're expecting me to either be alt-right, or side with social justice, you're going to be very disappointed.


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  1. The whole insulin thing is something that just boils my blood. I have a very close friend who's been diabetic for his whole life. His grandfather was also diabetic, it runs in his family. Biden undid what Trump did for, at the very least, a political statement if not for the pharmaceutical companies to make more money.
    He personally undid something that made my friend's and thousands of people's lives easier. Fuck Biden.

  2. I have a lot of respect for the way the UK does it. They let the opposition party heckle the Prime Minister for 30 minutes a week. Canada also has a slightly milder version of question time. I understand that the dynamics are different. The Prime Minister essentially works for the parliament but my point is we Americans give too much majesty to the Presidency. Instead of treating it like some sacred title, we really ought to just treat it like what it is: an administrative post. It's okay when constitutional monarchies have all sorts of pomp and circumstances surrounding their figurehead monarchs but the President was intended to be closer to a CEO than a King.

  3. Richard Nixon's vice president, Spiro Agnew, was considered Nixon's lapdog, sometimes being referred to as "Nixon's Nixon". He was instructed by Nixon and his entourage to support the president in everything he does. He often mercilessly attacked Democrats, progressivists, journalists, and other leftists in his fiery speeches. That said, it's not surprising that he would break decorum by applauding Nixon during his State of Union address.

  4. Biden always uses his 1 good kid to promote his shitty ideas. It's almost like hunter Biden doesnt even exist to him at this point with how much joe ignores him.

    And I wouldnt call bidens speech (or his speech) passable either, this is partially a matter of me just not liking him, but putting the hate aside, the actual criticisms of his speech are many as well:
    1) He spoke on ukraine (and still said nothing) for far too long. Ukraine is not america, and if he were actually about anything as far as ukraine, he would already have done it, it was moral grandstanding, just like youtube banning Russia.

    2) he plagarized almost half the things he spoke on in his speech. The fact that so much of his speech was things Trump already did, reduces the validity of the speech, especially since biden os the exact person who undid all those same things.

    3) And the most important aspect: he didn't discuss anything that actually got done. others have said it, but this was not a "how far we have come" speech, but a "these are the things I would like to do" speech, which sets it apart from damn near every other state of the union ever.

    Politicians/presidents may occasionally lie about what they've done, but biden is the first to have literally done nothing positive, AND create several massive setbacks of his own. Combined with the fact that he literally plagarized all of the best ideas in his speech from the guy who came before him, and that is not a "passable" speech by any metric.

  5. You are incorrect, sir. Ted Kennedy heckled Bush Jr. every year he was in office, and was the initiator of SOTU heckling, it's just been largely memory-holed. Also, Gerald Ford didn't have a Vice President, the Senate was headed up by a Senate President Pro Tempore, specifically Jimmy Eastland, the Grand Dragon of the KKK, and the guy the bad guy from O Brother Where Art Thou is based on. (No, seriously.)

  6. Well let see… was Obama lying? Yup…
    Was trump lying or plagiarizing when giving his SOTUs? Nope…
    Was Biden lying, plagiarizing and hypocricizing(channeling my best Al Sharpton for that one)? Yes, yes he was… this isn’t a case of both sidesisms… this is a case of the Left is a toxic wasteland in principle… and the right has too many lefties still amongst them.

  7. I watched the State of the Union, not because I'm interested in what they might say (although that can be hilarious in itself!)
    I watched because I know the background stuff these days is funny as f***! xD
    Watching American politics and the toddler rows is even more enjoyable than watching the toddler temper tantrums in the Irish Dáil 🙂

  8. Your first mistake is believing the left or democrats in general want to operate from a point of neutrality.

    They want power and control. Nothing else.

  9. I was confused by the twitter vitriol towards Boebert. I saw someone shoppiing them and Biden into the confused cat meme and didn't even know who Boebert was. I was disgusted by the comparisons to her as a monkey. Imagine if they did that to a black candidate.

  10. Bidens SOTU address wasn't so-so. It was objectively horrible. He didn't report the state of the union. He talked about what he wanted to do going forward. That's not the state of the union. It's a campaign speech.

  11. I've been following Defiant L's on social media, and that account showed a lot of stuff pertaining to Trump and Biden's SOTU speeches. The account is attempting to point out "hypocrisy" or inconsistency, and more and more I realize that it isn't even worth doing. These people don't think it's hypocritical to heckle Trump during this speech and screech at someone else doing it to Biden. Trump is the antichrist, Biden is the reason the sun rises in the morning. In their minds, it's totally consistent, and while that makes it understandable, it's also kind of terrifying.

  12. Modern Democrat strategy is “Triangulation”
    Basically campaign against the Republican candidate using different policy positions, then when elected co-opt Republican policies.

    That’s what we are seeing now with Biden taking on very notable America First Trump policies

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