State Police LEAVING Portland In Anger, Democrats FAILED, Trump Is Their Only Hope Now

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  1. If this is still going on after the election then and only will trump stop them . It's a master stroke of sheer genius . By letting the morons riot night after night after night . And letting Portland turn into baruit of the west coast . He is being handed two things a rope to hang every last democrat in Oregon Washington state and California . And a resion to redeploy regular milltary to clean up these democrat shit holes . Once and for all .

  2. See this is why we need to declare this a gang/domestic terrorist organization. Watch them continue to defend it then… oh you pushing propaganda for terrorists? You get charged too

  3. It’s not a riot. It’s treason against the lawful citizens of Portland. When has appeasing a mob ever worked out? I wasn’t aware that in America The DA has the ability to pick and choose what laws they enforce.

  4. Common Sense People !!!!! FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE !!!! Deliver on to these Protestors the same Abuse 9 Times Fold.
    Forget Arresting these Protestor's since the D A Office won't Prosecute !!! Sadly it's Simple, We need to KILL ALL THE PROTESTOR'S and throw them away like the Garbage they are, Problem Solved, and HANG YOUR ELECTED OFFICIAL'S or Kick them OUT !!! DUH !!!!
    Common Sense People !!!! when the Cock Roaches come out Kill them with a can of Raid .
    It's Not Brain Surgery, When someone attacks you, KILL THEM !!!!!!!
    Why ? Because it's NOW Them or US and I Chose US the civilized society with Human Values and Common Sense. There are to many people making way to many problems for us to live normaly sianly and safely. it's Time for Peace at ALL COST !!!!! Because I don't think We the People can take much more of this !!!!!

  5. The protests have to stop altogether, period. If you do not stop them then you are allowing the rioters a way to amass. Your right is to peaceful protest, not threaten, intimidate and harass others.

  6. This is ALL JUST A RUSE TO GET THE UN INVOLVED. If you can't see the obvious, ya might be blind, or simply stupid. America died in march. Welcome to amerika- nwo style.

  7. what point arresting that trash when D.A. rls them, only silent majority can solve this problem, with police gone, just cancel every leftist so they will not return anymore.
    and police? what police? they are defunded. when blm and antifa will be too scared to come, hunt them down and go to leftist mayor and D.A. house and cancel them too.