State With The Lowest Homeless Rate Will Shock You

Homelessness seems like an intractable problem that’s just getting worse in every city in America. But you might be surprised to learn which state has adopted a strategy – pioneered in Finland – called “Housing First” that has helped drive down homeless numbers dramatically. And no, it’s not New York, California or some other deep blue state with high taxes and extensive social services either.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the proven successful methods for bringing homelessness numbers down and why so few states and municipalities have even considered adopting those methods.

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  1. But they keep trying this and a lot of the homeless want to stay on the street doing drugs the housing market and rent is too high agree it’s bad but we have a lot more ppl in the United States I don’t know what the solution is but this is worth a shot

  2. You're telling me, that you can end Homelessness through providing "SHELTER" Jimmy? you expect me to believe that? See Hillary Clinton was right, you people are all just Pie in the sky "Pony Wanters"

  3. Could also see about doing something about the restrictions preventing new housing from going in. Some areas haven't had new construction for years due to the road blocks that keep getting put in front of anyone trying.

  4. Easier said than done. This isn’t Finland. This is America. American people are WAY different. How!?! Well Americans don’t appreciate anything and aren’t held accountable for anything. People get enough of a free ride here and how has that been working out!?! Ya have tons of Americans who are able to work but continue to live off welfare. For starters in America we would need to re-haul the welfare system. The system now gives NO incentives to find work. I could go on but I would have to write a book but y’all get the point. But Americans are VERY different.

  5. Jimmy, the homeless issue primarily starts with Americans not able to own the own homes. Nobody owns their home anymore. Your City really owns it. As soon as you miss a tax payment, the city now owns your home. Property taxes go up every year, paying for more and more things NOBODY wanted, and then every older person loses their home to the government, not allowing any kind of generational wealth to be handed down.

  6. They don't want people to be stable when they do industrialize the country they destroyed a majority of the jobs there's not enough jobs for everybody it then it they would either have to turn around and put everybody in housing or they would have to create more jobs so people could earn their living the people can't earn a living anymore because inflation and wage stagnation has destroyed everything.

  7. I love the idea, but as a former landlord i can tell you one bad tenant can cause havoc in an entire building. The schizophrenic lady who uses the livingroom as her toilet and fills the room up with garbage she collects off the street. The drug addict who brings in all his buddies to shoot up and destroys everything in the apartment and burglerizes the other units. The dysfunctional couple who fight continually , at all hours of the night , keeping everyone awake and police on call.

    These are all issues i have had to deal with to keep a commercial property in one piece and livable for all the other tenants.

    I dony see how it can be done without basic rules being followed. Make me wrong but i don't see how.

    But Jimmy is absolutely right about rent control, we sold our building (too much work and risk for too little profit ) Its now a place only the very well off can afford.

  8. oh, but there is too much lobby money to keep people in prison for personal gain. Free shelter is cheaper than 30,000 per jail person. Free housing is 1/4th the cost.

  9. I have emerged from 10 years of homelessness during the last 9 months in Salt Lake City, Utah. I recieved a brand new studio apartment after I qualified for section 8 housing voucher. The only pre-requisite was being categorized as 'chronically homeless'. I am starting to get my shit together. I have health insurance, a job, and a renewed level of self-esteem. I live right downtown close to; the library, extensive public transport, several grocery stores, and multiple hospitals, as well as all the awesomeness of SLC's blooming metropolis. Utah's housing first initiatives are undeniably a success, but there is a long way to go to solving homelessness. I grew up here and even with this progressive new approach, I have never seen as many people living on the streets as I do everyday. Thanks for the attention to this important matter Jimmy!!! I hope to find a way to get to your show(s) here next week.

  10. I’m glad I gtfo of california when i did. Commodities and the glam life masquerading as freedom while they squeeze every last cent out of you. That was 14 years ago and the state has not gotten any better. Love my hometown of LA but never want to live there again

  11. I don't how they're doing it in Mississippi but generally speaking in the U.S. the government will only take action if there is a profit for someone even if it costs us more. During the pandemic they didn't give the unemployed Medicare they paid everyones COBRA. The cost to do was probably ten times higher or possible than putting on Medicare. Most people would not need medical attention during that time. When it comes to building housing all politicians want to solve it by giving developers obscene tax breaks as opposed to just building the housing.

  12. Based off the end of Jimmy's comments, a $2,000 Voucher per 1 homeless person a month, is $1.2 billion a month if we have 600,000 homeless people.

    To house the whole population for a year at this rate would be $14.4 billion dollars.
    We could house the ENTIRETY of the U.S.'s homeless population for a little less than 4 years with the $40 billion we just sent to Ukraine, if we made the vouchers housing use only.

    I'd much rather spend tax dollars on that, than the forever wars proped up by the War Machine.

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