States Desperate Over Teacher Shortage Crisis

There’s a nationwide crisis facing public schools in the United States because there simply aren’t enough teachers to fill classrooms. Whether because of the low pay, the long hours or the disrespect from parents and administrators, teachers are leaving the profession in droves, forcing states to adopt desperate measures to put a warm body in the front of every classroom. Whether offering signing bonuses, increasing class size, allowing ex-military and college students with no credentials to teach or moving masses of students into gymnasia, states are pulling out all the stops and it still isn’t enough.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger, along with Stef Zamorano, discuss the myriad challenges facing teachers in the public school system and why so many would choose to abandon the classroom for other jobs.

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  1. I have an idea. Let's treat teachers like shit, pay them garbage, expect them to do the workload of 2 people full time and frequently during after-hours, slowly strip them of their dignity and self-respect, make mockeries of them in the wealthiest society, force them to work in completely absurd conditions during a pandemic, all while completely destroying education for children and turning our educational system into a 12-16 year long corporate training seminar and see if that works to motivate people into teaching

  2. First the parents don't want to rear them, then the teachers don't want to teach them. They were fed up of babysitting. Both parents must go back to work, no one wants the kids. ….from Ireland. I didn't watch the whole video I admit.

  3. Most teachers are already programmed and are a bunch of marxist socialist un-American liberals that have no idea of what a free society with a constitution looks like. They have been brainwashed through the college curriculum and it is disgusting what they're trying to do to our children. Wake up America vote Republican and vote for Donald Trump or we will not have a country any longer

  4. How about getting out of my pockets for schools seeing I don't have kids you're stealing money from my to educate other people's brats please got out my pockets for schools Ukraine and foreign countries thank you

  5. As China surges past the USA in being creators of new technology and new health solutions a significant cause is that China recognises that a good education is a paramount requirement for a successful society. China has had a massive growth in its Middle Class population while the Middle Class American population is rapidly disappearing. The fastest growth in the US is on skid row where the only dreams of its young people are provided by opiates.

  6. You can know when there is a real lack of employees…. wages will rise. Duh. When wages don't rise, then all they are looking for is minimum wage workers, with absolutely no job security. We need guaranteed employment now, building necessities of US households… TVs, washing machines, dryers, cell phones, solar cells, etc… build it here… all the free money (guaranteed income) can't buy foreign goods, because the prices will just keep going up…. US products should be more affordable than foreign. Guaraneed jobs, not income…

  7. LMAO its like the Southpark Covid special.. None of the teachers felt safe to come back to school.. and the cops got fired, so naturally the unemployed cops filled in for the teachers,

  8. Where's all the people who complain teachers get too much time off? Those 'wonderful, easy,' jobs have vacancies!

    I taught in Boston Public Schools for eight years. 27 was supposed to be the class size. I had 35 students. Half had been kept back. Teachers are not paid enough.

  9. Exactly Steph…..we are all militarized in all aspects of our lives….now our kids as young as Kindergarteners….creating huge swaths of school to prison pipeline streams. I have personally witnessed a first grader taken by handcuffs to a seclusion who room by a RO……

  10. Jabbs and the subsequent health problems are likely to be a thing. Some are either not here anymore or too sick to teach.

    Some are prob too scared to return to the classroom.

  11. Jimmy, it's not the pay. School districts discriminates a lot against non diverse teachers. And they do this to accept Bill Gates money and these teachers who are there get more kids and lower the quality for everyone. It's in fkn sane.

  12. Get home schooling networks going. Stop sending them to these terrible prisons.
    Learning to read doesn’t take long,. And learning to takes tests and obey bells and bullies isn’t at all necessary
    For specializations get those same MIA teachers as tutors. Get other kinds mentoring in something practical, but most of all let them be kids while they can.

  13. The teacher shortage problem stems from the shortage of homosexuals, bi-sexuals, pan-sexuals, trans-sexuals, etc. Maybe they could fill in with heterosexuals until enough children have been groomed and grown old enough to become teachers.

  14. I think you're seeing this wrong.

    They have a problem, sure but I don't think that giving chances to people to become teachers is that of a bad idea.

    Most teaching skills are innate,
    less educated in the world of todays mean less indoctrinated,
    less chances of having brainwashed gender fanatics.

    I don't think the boomer generation had teachers with very high qualifications anyway and the education seemed better than today.

  15. “Pandemic exhaustion” and “limited on what they can teach about” WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT! Just don’t groom children ya creeps… rule of thumb: DON’T SHOW OR SAY ANYTHING TO A CHILD while “teaching” THAT’d GET YOU ARRESTED in public👍

  16. They want less educated public so they can manipulate them and prepare them for a horrible future of low job opportunities and even lower pay nationwide. The one thing they don’t want is an educated mass populous who are able to see how badly they are being fucked.

  17. Not true. I’m a former teacher. Teaching quality comes from doing and it’s the knowledge of the subject matter that is MOST important. There is no “teaching “ school lol. We get master teachers and a semester of student teaching under that master teacher and a couple of other new teacher support programs. Again it’s the knowledge of the subject matter that’s most important.

  18. Funny how he never mentions that almost every teachers union, school board or district is completely compromised of the same democrats big wigs principles, and District supervisors making 100k+ a year that's supported giving more money to Ukraine……

  19. Why learn grammar and spelling in an American school, when hugely paid TV moderators get away with a lack of correct English — Dore included. Americans know the present and weak verb past tense and that you should always say "you/he and I" no matter where because they don't know why, when and where. Never look in a dictionary to get the pronunciation right, either.Paying "creative" teachers more won't solve this problem because creative seems to mean to say something in a new and incorrect way like "I have did" and thinking your worth top money.
    Go back to small schools with 4-grade classes. that gives kids some relief from constant pressure they are to young to handle. BTW bring back teacher that drill their students to write and speak correctly would work wonders.

  20. 🛑This is one of the worst videos Jimmy's ever put out it was nothing but bias spin (he needs to get out of his biased bubble) when reporting on stories like this. The average American teacher makes $63,000 teacher salaries increase yearly. Then to complain about class sizes while also pushing for massive illegal immigration look at class sizes in California (a sanctuary state) it's like 50 student per teacher not all English speaking & children of color are graduating with out proficiency in reading & writing. There is a teacher shortage that's why they're hiring all these woke teaching kids you can see all over tik tok who are more focused on sexuality & other woke criteria rather than (Reading writing and arithmetic) they're focused on indoctrination rather than teaching children how to think, they're teaching them what to think! This country is becoming stupid or stupider!

    The only thing I can agree with is the wasteful billions being borrowed to spend in Ukraine. But let's also remember schools and teachers unions got $190 billion of covid relief much of that money was never spent because the teacher unions refused to come back to in classroom teaching for over a year

  21. I have two friends who were teachers. One quit about 6 yrs ago, and the other quit in the spring of '19. Neither left their field because of pay. BOTH cited discipline (or lack thereof) as the primary reason for changing careers. One friend was physically assaulted by two female students in her classroom. She assumed they'd be expelled (and arrested), but instead, they spent 2 wks in a special class and then were put right back in the same classroom. She was horrified, and quit soon after. Even the union defended the students going back into the classroom. She was called a "wimp" by the assistant principal for leaving.
    Aside from actual assaults, students are no longer taught to respect teachers (or adults in general), and no one holds them accountable. These are kids, and they will do whatever they can get away with… and these days, they get away with just about anything.

  22. Jimmy, you hit the nail on the head. We have plenty of money to fund the on-going war in Ukraine but not enough to fund the education of future generations. Makes perfect sense. We'll hire 87,000 new IRS agents to bring in more taxes but how much do want to bet that none of this increased revenue stream will go towards helping any problems within the US?

  23. The REAL reason is because of the teachers unions and school boards being corrupted by politics. The policies they have put in place are the direct reason why the "kids" are "unruly". I know because I have a child that went from honor roll to summer school in a very short time period. Teachers need to take a stand instead of complaining to the parents when the problem is in their building. I hold my child accountable for his actions, they don't. They let them get away with bs because of their rules and then complain to parents. If they really cared, they would fight the unions that have screwed them over, but they don't.

  24. You're forgetting the Covid vaccine requirement. And yeah, they probably shouldn't be teaching third graders sexual orientation/etc. Teach them the basics. These kids don't respect the teachers because they are failing in droves. A student who is failing becomes a problem. Instead of having one or two in a school, it's 80% in some cases. A lot of schools have become a joke for both students and teachers. And the money problem is because of excess administration. In my city in Oregon our grade schools average $264,000 per classroom k-6 grade. Average teacher salary is less the 60k. Add in $40k for health insurance/life insurance/health insurance. Where does the other $164,000 go?

  25. The shortage is do to teachers resigning over the indoctrination of young kids into crt and gender indoctrination. Theh are fucking up kids on purpose and alot of them are not pk with this shit. If they dont go along with it they get harrast.

  26. I recall when I was in school I could count the number of good teachers on a single hand. I can't imagine it's gotten any better than in the 90's. Those kids are doomed if they are further lowering the standards…

  27. Hopefully, the shortage will continue until there are no more public schools. Home schooling and private school is much more effective. Public school is a waste of tax money and a socialist indoctrination camp.

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