Stella Assange Vs. John Bolton On ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’

Shadowproof’s Kevin Gosztola breaks down a segment from “Piers Morgan Uncensored” that featured Stella Assange and John Bolton, who is a former Trump national security adviser and former Bush administration official.

02:40 Piers Morgan Uncensored’s History of Assange
07:35 Stella Interrupted By Piers Who Plays ‘Devil’s Advocate’
17:25 Speak of The Devil, It’s John Bolton
26:55 Assange Could Not ‘Get a Fair Trial In America’
35:40 Final Comments From Stella, Plus Two Panelists
41:05 Global Day Of Action – Human Chain Event in UK – Hands Off Assange Rally In DC

Written by Shadowproof


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  1. John Bolton admitted to being involved and US involvement in coup d'etat globally and is a well known war monger, even to the point of being sacked by Donald Trump. He is a shocker and should have been charged with War Crimes.

  2. By "dissidents" John Bolton means CIA instigated regime change activists put in place to overthrow whoever the State Department doesn't like. Coming to your country soon if your government isn't licking their boots and might even have the audacity acting in it's public's interests. The occasional pipeline explosion might occur.

  3. So, the Guardian also betrayed Assange's trust in passing the private documents to the NY Times, causing those whistleblowers to be exposed and eventually coherced by US National Security. Did I follow that right? It is so important to follow the Assange case in order to demonstrate what media is a corrupt sell-out.

  4. Local Free Speech activists in Columbus Ohio are holding a Rally and March to the federal courthouse in solidarity with the "Hands around the Parliament" in London and "Hands off Julian Assange" in Washington D.C. We have one VIP speaker, John Quiqley, Professor of International Law Emeritus and renown human rights defender

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