Stella Perrett: The Cancelled Cartoonist

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  1. Still don't agree that women-only swimming sessions should be tax-payer funded. Having fought against that sexist shit in the past, there is a part of me that finds this hilarious.

  2. The cartoon is too close to their agenda after all pedos are predators, sexualising children and indoctrination is also predatory. That's why they are outraged because the cartoon not only raises awareness of erasing women but going after children as well.

  3. ”Jews and Irish are both oppressed groups.”
    ”I don’t know about the Irish.”

    Wow. What’s the average household income of jews in the UK vs Irish in the UK? Asking for a friend.

  4. What the left doesn't realize is they are playing into long game of communists. It's been a goal to destroy gender differences as a means to destroy family, so its just you and state. It's why male and female wear identical uniforms. They want to appeal to sex without consequences and kids will be raised by state, not parents. A woman's "safe space" used to be in extended family. The family and community would rise up to protect her. now? nope. You reap what you sow. I love how she thinks feeling uncomfortable in your own body is solely a woman's thing, rather than HUMAN thing. I don't feel comfortable in my own body NOW as taking medicine that makes me gain 5 lbs in fat every 6 months. Oddly last year, more troublesome, is I stopped gaining weight, but continue gaining fat around torso. My legs look awesome, because all the fat has been stripped away. Unless you are highly fit, does anyone feel comfortable in their own body?

  5. The left has used ridicule against the right wherever it worked. They know it's most effective when it strikes the truth, and they have used this to their advantage. They know how effective that is and they fear it, that's what's going on here. This kind of humor is also the hallmark of counter culture, speaking up against authority. It has worked against an oppressive church, but also against oppressive communist regimes, and in general weakened authoritarian structures by undermining their grip on people.

    But now the left is authoritarian and oppressive. The left wields the power through media, through the schools, in many places through left leaning judges, and currently even through occupying the highest legislative and executive organs in the US, end even infiltrating conservative parties. Left humor nowadays is mostly cheap slandering of the political opponent to create a kind of herd mentality. The "orange man bad" kind of humor is mostly what's left o them, and that's kind of hollow.

  6. What comes to mind listening to this is that you now have a generation coming up that has no sense of humour, they don't understand what Satire is and why it is important, and incredibly institutions and media will crumble before the slightest outburst from a viciously reactionary outlet like Twitter…

    But seeing these cartoons, and how biting some are, brings back memories of 'Viz' back in the day, a comicstrip magazine that was constantly on the edge of acceptability and phenomenally successful because of its irreverence.
    Could a magazine like this survive today…? If it captured an audience and therefore had a perceived 'influence' to these extreme online groups could 'Viz' weather the storm?

    Because you can be sure this generation has never been exposed to anything remotely as savage as Viz….

  7. Britain has been putting male convicts in women's prisons too – even, I believe, before states in the US started doing it. Maybe the British media doesn't let that info out. Most people in the US have no idea what's going on as the media refuses to cover it.

  8. Freedom of speech is for everyone. You'd never see a breadtube channel treating someone from the opposite side of the political divide with this kind of empathy and respect, or put politics aside for the sake of principle.

  9. I heard her comments on wildlife bounty in New Zealand in the podcast, money for killing imported animals was bad in her opinion. Yeah, she needs to stick with drawing cartoons. She can't be that smart working for a commy rag and not expecting censure at some point. Sometimes you get what you deserve…

  10. As an american, I'm a little envious that you guys have cool shit like castles and kings. Even if they're mostly symbolic at this point, i'd like "being knighted" as something that could potentially happen. There's a brit at work and while I'd never admit it, I think I could listen to the guy read from a phone book. Look I'm just saying…we've got plenty of mountains over here. Please build some castles.

  11. "In order to Destroy white, western nations, we shall replace Christianity with Liberalism and make that their new religion"
    Written 100 years ago. If you want to know who is behind the destruction of the West, read that book.

  12. Not to worry – the man pouring billions of dollars into every left wing anti-conservative institution, George Soros, has upset China so that will be interesting.

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