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  1. I only post art n cats on twitter. I never engage and yet, I want to close my account soon. It’s so crazy there, it’s like a combination of The Incal dystopian world and Tokyo Ghost. There are good accounts there; good art, and the occasional funny meme.

  2. Speaking of boring chit chat, I've been doing some gardening myself lately. I normally hire someone, but its been kind of fun doing a little section each day. Mostly weeds and vines work. I just felt like I needed more sunshine.

  3. I almost feel left out of the regular people lesson. I immediately thought Twitter was stupid from Day 1. I grudgingly set up a professional account because that was.., marketing or something… and never used it.

    But the lesson, as awful and time-wasting and just dumb, was still part of the human experience. It's like.., "I'm not getting in that leaky rocket ship to Mars with a bunch of social dimwits. It's obviously going to be a total hell-ride catastrophe," and yeah, it is, and yeah, you avoided a lot of suffering. But…

    You also didn't go to Mars on a rocket ship and now share that collective experience with everybody else.

    I guess the question is, while one is off not being a train wreck, what is one doing instead which is healthy and just as exciting?

  4. So… Mark Millar is the British version of the American version of Dennis the Menace?

    Never had Twitter. Killed my Facebook summer of '16, when everyone wouldn't shut the hell up about Hillary and Trump.

  5. This entire 'Culture War' could have been avoided if only people stepped back into the real world and learned to tolerate those around them by getting to know them as actual fully fledged human beings.
    Now, if they stepped back into MTV's Real World (TM), things would be much more chaotic but it might at least be entertaining. If not, it would be mercifully cancelled before too long.

  6. The go along to get along crowd has begun to realize that the comics SJW cult is now coming after them. All witch burners eventually take themselves out.

  7. I like to ask tourists if they know a specific location, then when they say no, I give them directions to it and walk away before they are able comprehend what happened.

  8. But, if one is going to issue a statement about one's leaving Twitter, it definitely helps to completely excoriate all the awful people who lead to that decision on the way out. Take that, 12 psychos…

  9. Can anyone post a link to the controversial Bennett piece. I would like to judge it for myself, seeing as how I thought the controversy over the last one, which was plainly just a spelling mistake, was ridiculous.

  10. "While dead eyed Jack Dorsey sits back in his giant electric egg and feeds on our passions like M&Ms…"
    So elegantly put….
    I think Twitter is a place full of tribes and rage fueling division and spite, and the world would be better off if their servers had a nuke explode on them.
    There's a reason he's the writer and I'm not.

  11. I have lived in the same community for 13 years. I got a Doberman/Ridgeback puppy in June and she requires a ton of exercise. That's a good way to get out of the boring neighbor conversations: a hyperactive puppy who can't sit still. Anyway, my neighbors drop their jaws when I tell them I have been here that long. I made up some bullshit about working from home now because covid or whatever, but it's pretty funny when they ask if I just moved in and I'm like, I have been here since the Bush administration.

  12. TwitterNPC1: "Hey guys Mark just left…"
    Twitter NPC2: "Yeah I know, look he's on that Hill in the distance waving at us…no wait…is he flipping us off? Is that a remote in his hand? What's he doing with th–"
    BOOM! ?

  13. EVERYONE needs to leave Twitter. This should have been mandated by the big 2 years ago. Astonishing to me that they haven't had a basic social media conduct policy for their employees and freelancers like EVERY real profession has. Twitter activists don't really care about anything except themselves and Twitter. Leave that platform to the mentally ill psychos so the only thing they can still destroy is eachother.

  14. It's all fine and well saying you're leaving twitter and entering the real world, but complaining about "non-creatives" (which I assume includes binmen, doctors, farmers, plumbers, electricians, construction workers and other necessary jobs) makes me think for some people the problem with twitter is that it is a window onto a part of the real world that is harder to shut out there than in their daily lives.

  15. twitter is like a cross between a minefield, a high school girls toilet and a saw movie, full of bitching, pointless explosions and random death traps for no particular reason with a few crazy maniacs just destroying random people and feeling like they are morally superior for it

  16. Newsletters are way more effective anyway. Brian Pulido always advices people to get newsletters and make your customers join the newsletter cos they then have some amount of investment in the news

  17. Can’t say I blame him comics fans these days take comics way too seriously you can’t even make a joke about a character anymore without… “obviously it was clearly established in a 3 & a half page comic that was released in 1968 for an afternoon, you’d know that if you were a fan”
    Especially on Twitter from what I’ve seen about that site, you can’t even post a smiley face without being called a WW2 bad guy.

  18. One thing that struck me with this article is how much it proves that Millar is a creative and a writer in contrast to most everyone else in comics. How much he actually says between the lines and how many he call out with his half-subtle jabs without naming anyone.

  19. Occasionally there's a good thread on Twitter, but YouTube is better for longer discussions and commentary. It takes more effort but the cream rises to the top.

  20. About Millar's smile: it still trips me out whenever I get paid for, effectively, doing what I used to get yelled at in class. How wanting to sketch Batman for fun back in kindergarten is what now keeps you fed. It's like you're literally drawing money. Now project this on Mark who – with writing, not drawing, but still – reached such incredible heights. When you don't take yourself too seriously and realize what companions fun & creativity can be – how can you not grin like this? If anything, it's the grin of gratefulness.