Steve Bannon Arrested & Indicted On Money Laundering & Conspiracy In New York

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NOTE: I am not a lawyer. I am a legal scholar. I study the law and legal theory, but have no interest in practicing law. I am familiar with most court procedures as well as trial procedure.
▶ My Educational Qualifications:
+ Deep legal knowledge about the Rules of Civil & Criminal Procedures In US Courts
+ Deep legal knowledge about the Federal Rules of Evidence (central to understanding any US federal legal cases)
+ Deep knowledge of America Constitutional Law Principles and their application in federal and state cases
+ Deep knowledge of Criminal Law Principles relevant to court proceedings and trials
+ Deep knowledge of Civil Law Principles related to torts and civil trials
+ Growing library of knowledge of relevant precedential supreme court cases in US History
+ Historical knowledge of Anglo-American Jurisprudence dating back to the British Empire.
+ B.A in Political Science from California State University, Northridge
+ B.S in Microbiology from California State University, Northridge
+ Deep knowledge in Central and Northern European Politics, History, and Culture
+ Deep knowledge of Classical Greek Philosophy and Logical Argumentation
+ Deep knowledge of Evolutionary Biology, Psychology, and Human Genetics

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  1. This is nothing compared to Obama's corruption. As for Biden he might just as well be called the demented Don! FBI in his pocket , anita,
    BLM same crap. I take it your another salty Trump hater lol.

  2. Any news with Steve Bannon will automatically involve corruption. Anyone who is a Trump wh0re buddy will be involved with corruption. It's as predictable as them crying fake news and DOJ persecution.

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