Steve Bannon Trial Day1; Pat King “Released”; Ray Epps & MORE! Viva Mondays!

Bannon trial Day 1. Pat King released. Ray Epps AND MORE!

Written by Viva Frei


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  1. Man I also want to accuse the Dems of all kinds of crimes and then have the judge bar them of bringing any evidence for their defense.
    Sounds like really great weaponised corruption there….

  2. The next committee, which will then be retaliatory against the Dems, should appoint only GOPs, and if the Dems protest, just have the GOPs say they identify as Dems and thus it is bi-partisan.

  3. Hey Viva, this Gouveia guy is a phony, he outed himself over a year ago calling Proud Boys a right wing white nationalist hate group… basically regurgitating every Southern Pov Law mantra… watch him he's a snake,,, you've been warned.

  4. still need a bit more acoustic treatment in that room! Id say some behind your monitor or computer screen, right behind you on the back wall, a few of those hex panels should do the trick. i cannot see what you have on the wall to your left, but would suggest a mirror of the treatment u have to the right.

  5. I detest our corrupt "justice" system so much. How are we supposed a law enforcement and justice system committed to political abuse. We cannot survive as a country in this way.

  6. Thank you Viva! We appreciate you!!! I think I saw you at The Mirage last week in Vegas! I had no words! I was just in shock staring at you! You were wearing s black shirt with white wording.was that you? Thank you for all that you do!🙏🏽

  7. Viva, please do more voice impressions of people and characters. You are very talented and we all need a little light hearted humour among all this madness every now and then.

  8. DYK,,,
    When we were going to the Moon, "they" were sssssoooo cautious about germs & diseases possibly contaminating Earth that may have been brought back by the Astronauts. Everything was made to be hermitically sealed tight to safe guard Us. ][ forget the Astronauts name, he was in the self contained unit for his quarantine time, he was relaxing reading a book,,,, when something caught his eye on the floor,,, it was an Ant. He thought " This is a sealed Unit,,, How, could an Ant, possibly,,,, get in here ?

    Go figure., as for Justice,,, go fish.

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