Steve Bannon Was RIGHT, Parents REVOLT Against Mask, Vaccine Mandates Even ATTACKING School Boards

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  1. Here’s how much I don’t trust these people: I have to wonder what they mean by “assault.” Clearly, if someone is getting punched in the face, that’s not cool. That should not be happening. But has that actually happened? Or by “assault,” do they mean a concerned parent who shows up without a mask? By “assault,” do they mean parents voicing their opposition (because, remember, words are violence)? Ergo, a parent standing at a podium opposing masks on their child represents, what? Assault? Terrorism? What do they mean by “assault?”

  2. You're also not persuasive when your a milk toast, fence sitting, can't have an opinion or that's too hot a take tim pool…the irony of you saying anything about people actually fighting back dude gets some perspective damn

  3. Wrong. Violence always works and always will. The left wouldn't be successful without the threat of force. However, you will have to kill all your enemies to make it work. No prisoners, no descendants. That's why you we don't do it anymore, it's gruesome and terrifying. No amount of propaganda will trump death.

  4. Persuasion has not worked. They don't care about reason, logic or compromise. They won't budge. The media has smeared regardless. There are now 2 options: accept the unacceptable (lie down and take it, which seems to be what Tim is advocating), or do what these parents are doing. Good for them. This is the only remaining option with any hope of success.

  5. I’m with you on that in a Big Way, Tim I think 80,000 should be the Everything else gets cycled into making more infrastructure to producing more materials anybody’s got more than that they have more than they need to live in a life maybe the extra gets re-purposed to people who I don’t know how their homes burned down by see Lake or meth heads like in my case

  6. People live their lives in a way they deem 'easiest' for them (whether that's physically, economically, or in other ways 'easiest'). So the goal is to show them their live will be 'harder' if they pursue their chosen courses of action.

  7. I beg a differ look at BLM all the violence they did and it work people fell to there cuase and that court case with cop of gorge Floyd. The violence and threat of violence, change the jury's minds so violence works.

  8. Biggest gripe with Tim as of late: speak up now! Speak up now! 5th generation 5th generation!

    Leftists in control: don't listen and do what they want anyway and gate keep their positions (see Gavin newsom)

    Parents: attack them because that all that's left to do

    Tim: no stop attacking people! Hearts and minds

    TF!? JFK said it best. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. I been speaking out for my kids long before this. And I home school…. But if my kids are still at risk IDGAF about propaganda. Someone f*cks with my kids after numerous warnings from me, they're getting the violent side. No apologies.

  9. All my coworkers who took the shot are now sick all the time with every little thing. They're all typing with mistakes and just rolling with it. They're dying. Dying slowly.

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