Steve Scully Hacked by Steve Scully

Was the second 2020 presidential debate cancelled to protect moderator Steve Scully?

A week before the debate was scheduled to take place, former Joe Biden intern Steve Scully (CSPAN) accidentally tweeted what was supposed to be a Twitter DM to swamp rat/roller coaster black-balled Anthony Scaramucci, asking if he should reply to President Donald Trump’s allegations that the debate was rigged… thus confirming the fix was indeed in. Scully, as with 2012 and 2013 tweets, claimed he was “hacked” – which was backed up by numerous journalists, CSPAN, first debate moderator Chris Wallace, and even Debate Commission chairman Frank Fahrenkopf – until investigators got involved, forcing Scully to admit he just went ahead and made the whole thing up, and was actually just kind of an idiot.

Scully has been “indefinitely suspended” by CSPAN, who figured it could wait until the short memory span of Sheeple expired so it could reinstate him as a some sort of Nobel Prize winner.

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Written by John Ward

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  1. Who hacked Scully, then? Big federal crime, attempted election interference, right? We should be hearing back from the FBI any day now to clarify this mystery, yes?

    Oh, wait. He LIED?

  2. 1:56 Thank you for wording it this way because this doesn't always mean it is a lie that is being created, the context of when they are doing this matters. If for example you were helping a writer craft a story and they looked in this direction that doesn't mean they're lying to you it means they're coming up with some visual thought. But if you were asked a question like this sleezeball was then whatever comes out of his mouth next is almost undoubtedly a fucking lie.

  3. What the friggin frack, Frank Luntz, too?!?! The actual goshdarnned Election Commission? When the freakin hell are people going to wake up and realize that the whole system is rigged to keep the skeletons in their closets by bamboozling us as easily as 10 year old ADHD kids plied with candy, caffeinated soda, and let loose in a fenced playground with twice as many “SQUIRRELS!”?

    The beauty of Trump is that the doors of his closets were blown right off their hinges years ago. Ain’t nothin more to see, there.