Steven Crowder SUSPENDED From Twitter After Claiming PROOF About Fake Voter Addresses

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia host lawyer, commentator, and moviemaker Mike Cernovich to analyze Steven Crowder’s suspension from Twitter and what it means for Louder with Crowder and investigative journalism.

Mike Cernovich
@Cernovich (Twitter)
‘Hoaxed’ movie

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. The exact opposite of the Supreme Court in Canada. Here they rule how they 'feel' regardless of what the law says. Often interpreting our constitutions intent as they see it vs the letter of the law. The fact that our Supreme Court is pretty darned progressive isn't helping.

  2. If voter fraud is 'not real' o r 'just a conspiracy theory', why are media outlets and big tech so terrified of information about it getting out? People with nothing to worry about are never this terrified.

  3. the left is who convinced me this entire election is bunk! i don't use reddit the only meme's i really get are from friends from all across the globe from varying shit, what convinced me the left rigged this election is the lefts behavior. if you think i rigged something and i'm there by merit my response is alright lets hold investigations lets go through the numbers lets hold hand counts and run out any kind of dispute. because that's what someone who's earned their position does they defend it when challenged they don't sit there and censor anyone who brings up the fact they might have cheated thats some commy tactic shit and that behavioral pattern is whats convinced me there is in fact large scale corruption and tampering in our election processes. joe biden isn't a commander in chief he's a pretender and chief. trump lost a couple of critical states by a few thousand votes which he wasn't allowed to fairly challange, and now we have evidence popping up left and right all pointing to fraud. there's no transparency here. there's a big glowing head saying pay no attention to the man behind the barbed wire fence

  4. Why aren’t you talking about the forensic evidence the state of Michigan found during their investigation into 6 Dominion voting machines? There’s a full official report available online

  5. So, all I'm hearing from this is that we need some ammendments to:
    1) All members of congress and senate must sign onto any bill they vote for or abstain from voting as a guilty plea, and if the law is deemed unconstitutional, the congress and senate are charged with high treason with a pre plea of guilty that they cannot rescind.
    2) Courts cannot refuse to take up a case, nor can they rule on standing or other procedure. Only Merit. Any refusal for that is a plea of guilty on high treason.
    3) Any supreme court decision will then go to the states to vote on, and if a majority of states vote against hte court, their rule is overturned, and the votes that were disagreed with will be found guilty of high treason.
    4) All high treason cases will be immediate death penalty. Straight to the front of the line, and publically broadcasted.