Steven Donziger’s Life Was RUINED By Chevron

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  1. Merrick Garland turns out to have been a closet Republican Supreme Court pick by Obama (not really surprising). Not only is he doing nothing to help Donziger, he is also vigorously continuing the outrageous U.S. attempt to extradite Julian Assange from the UK for the crime of practicing free journalism protected by the First Amendment.

  2. A quick overview… They want his computer and phone, which contains names and info of contacts and clients. This is privileged information: ie needed for the defense of the clients. Keep in mind, federal prosecutors refused to charge him because they saw it as a frivolous lawsuit. That's when a private law firm with connections to Chevon was brought in to prosecute him. Additionally, the judge has a high position with the federalist Society, which is funded in part by the oil industry and her husband has some kind of connections with the law firm. Total miscarriage of justice.

  3. So, here are some more details… In 2011, Chevron filed a RICO suit against Donziger in New York City. The case was heard by U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, who determined that the ruling of the Ecuadorian courts could not be enforced in the US because it was procured by fraud, bribery, and racketeering activities. As a result of this case, Donziger was disbarred from practicing law in New York in 2018.

    After having been under house arrest since August 2019 awaiting trial on charges of criminal contempt of court, which arose during his appeal against Kaplan's RICO decision, in July 2021 US district judge Loretta Preska found him guilty; he is now facing the possibility of a 6-month jail sentence. While under house arrest, in 2020 twenty-nine Nobel laureates described the actions taken by Chevron against Donziger as "judicial harassment" and human rights campaigners have described Chevron's actions as an example of a strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP). In April 2021, six members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus demanded that the Department of Justice review Donziger's case.

    So, Chevron is claiming that the judgement against them is invalid because it was obtained illegally. Not that they didn't damage the environment, but that Donziger obtained the evidence of it in an illegal way. Then, when ordered to turn over his laptop, he refused to do so and was held in contempt of court.

    Its shocking to see where we are headed. The greediest, most ruthless people in the world are in control of these incredibly powerful companies. They control the future.

  4. Still smuggly dismissing the idea that women’s rights are going to be destroyed in Afghanistan guys? Your brand of vapid anti war politics is going to leave millions of Afghans in the hands of a theocratic fascist organisation.

  5. the only place they 'won' was in an Ecuadorian court. They LOST everywhere else , including at the Hague. Disappointing that this inconvenient fact is ignored by 'independent' media.

  6. How awesome would that be if President Biden said, "If the federal court finds him guilty, I will overturn it that same day with a Presidential Pardon." I think the President can do this to Federal Court decisions.

  7. Everything, the courts and the systems themselves are so dam corrupt it's virtually impossible unless you have a critical mass of people willing to fight with people like this.

  8. Chevron we will f*ckin rock you ☄️
    The people will stand up against your crimes against the people of Equador, and the planet. We matter more than your fiat currency and your gold. We are the ones that keep things going. If you forgot, we have no problem reminding you and putting you back in your place! You big disgrace!
    Fight on. Let your voice be heard. We all matter.

    Speak out against the genetically engineered bio weapon “Coronavirus”. A crime against humanity, that should not be forgotten. We must not get distracted easily, and we must hold these criminals accountable. Most of all, find out what they are up to. They are after our minds. Couldn’t be more obvious ?