STICK TO BANKS! (And did the National Socialist state raise living standards or benefit the poor?)

Many think I’m no good at economics or politics, and that I should “stick to tanks” (military history). But now it’s gotten to the point where some people are saying I’m no good for military history either! Well thankfully others disagree, so today I’ll answer one of Josh Holland’s questions relating to whether National Socialism raised living standards (did it benefit the poor)? And whether it boosted productivity?

For the censors: no, I’m NOT a Nazi, or a Fascist, or a Marxist, or any other form of totalitarian or racist etc. This is a history video, and the purpose of history is to learn from the past so that we do not make the same mistakes others have, to avoid the terrible parts of history repeating themselves once more.

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History isn’t as boring as some people think, and my goal is to get people talking about it. I also want to dispel the myths and distortions that ruin our perception of the past by asking a simple question – “But is this really the case?”. I have a 2:1 Degree in History and a passion for early 20th Century conflicts (mainly WW2). I’m therefore approaching this like I would an academic essay. Lots of sources, quotes, references and so on. Only the truth will do.

This video is discussing events or concepts that are academic, educational and historical in nature. This video is for informational purposes and was created so we may better understand the past and learn from the mistakes others have made.

Written by TIK

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  1. Do videos which your passionate about and to hell with what other people think. Your passion will translate to us and if we are not interested we can switch off. That’s it. I for one think that there is more to war than just a tank and a battlefield . Economies, back room deals, psychologies and many more other facets are just as interesting in fact, for me more so…. Your doing a great job.

  2. History is repeating itself. I can see it and experiencing it right now. One difference I can see is that the racist anti-Semitism rhetoric and attitudes of the past has shifted to the white community. This ideas of "white supremacy" and "white privilege" we hear from the liberal media hype machine. Which is unsettling to me for obvious reasons. Would you agree with me about this, TIK? I lived my life with the belief that America's economy was a hybrid of capitalism and socialism. But its actually more along the lines of fascism? Wow! My mind is fucking blown

  3. Since there’s much confusion about what exactly “Capitalism” is. Your private vs public video being a very good explanation using the raw terminology with real life examples has cleared up my understanding of it.
    But there was still a nagging feeling of how we got here with that term, until I stumbled across a sentence in The German genius by Peter Watson about how a German coined the word capitalism in the early 1800’s. Do you think it would be profitable to see how it was first defined so we can fully understand the distortion of the term?

  4. More economics the better TIK. We don't get taught anything properly in government school here in America. In fact we barely get taught anything with real substance. It's part of the kinder/gentler way of going about life these days. The overall majority of kids aren't learning in school. Instead of figuring out why , they drop the standards and the country gets dumber as a result. This has been going on for decades and now we are really starting to see the ramifications of these actions. I grew up in Philly PA, USA and continue to live here. It is unethical how bad these public schools are in urban areas. Large proportions of kids in middle grades literally can't read. Sorry for this rant but please keep up these educational videos, you can't get this going through the traditional system.

  5. Dare I say, I liked where the Charlie Chaplain look alike was going in SOME respects with the economy. Germany and I think actually EVERY country for that matter should try and be as self reliant as possible, because now we have a very fragile economic eco system. To make what most of us use in our daily lives requires so many resources from so many different places, it's ludicrous! To make just a phone you require materials from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas, like 20 different countries various parts and raw materials have to pass through just to get a cellphone made and then they have to ship it to wherever a person lives and if something goes wrong along the way, well you can't produce anymore of those items and that's the way it is with many products, so I don't think trying to encourage your economy to rely on materials and labor in country or in neighboring countries with historically good relations is a bad thing, the way he went about it was terrible though.

    Rant justifying my support for a certain influential German man of the 1930's and 40's over with, I'd like to say I really learn a lot from this channel. I learned that wars, especially in the last 100 years, aren't as simple and straight forward. There are a hundred documentaries detailing the battle of Stalingrad, I can read first hand accounts of fighting and watch animations of troop movements, but I have never seen a documentary that explains the full spectrum of it. Sometimes I like to joke around a little when I talk with other people about the second world war and I ask them "do you know why Germany lost the war?" and they either give me an answer about some battle won on the eastern front or D-Day or some technological breakthrough or they just ask me "why?" and I tell them "ball bearings". They laugh and I explain to them how the shortage of ball bearings during the second world war meant the production of vehicles was hindered. Ball bearings were needed for everything with an engine; tanks, airplanes, trucks etc. and by the end of the explanation, a shortage of ball bearings sounds like a pretty good answer as to why Germany lost WWII. You cannot have a serious discussion about war without talking about everything that encompasses it and that includes politics and economics. Why did Germany falter at Stalingrad? Because they didn't have the supplies or man power. Why did they lack supplies and man power? Because the war time German transportation system was terrible. Why was it terrible? Because they couldn't keep a straight train schedule. That and a thousand other points like it made about a single battle is why I like this channel so much

  6. War is economics, political theory is economics, banking is economics personal spending is economics, everything you do is about economics. The barter system is economics, history is all about economics.

  7. 14:28 – Is it really an unforseen consequence, when said consequences have precedent and can fairly easily be deducted from past and present information though?
    15:45 – I'd argue that capitalism doesn't necessary imply free market capitalism (one form of capitalism that does hinge on an undisrupted market). I'd also add to that, that in some way, those ration coupons themselves could be considered a currency

  8. I'm reading "Economics in One Lesson" now. Fantastic read. It's really good in boiling down the false complexity of bad economic policies into what they really are: making special interests "wealthier" at the expense of everyone else so that everyone at the end is worse off than before.

  9. "Being bribed into support the regime"

    So when a state shows a little bit of benevolence towards the people it's bribery? Come on. I don't see why you sugar coat over the fact that perhaps the Ultranationalist were fanatically in love with their own people and wanted their people to live the best? All of what you listed shows that is their intent, and even when they banned police from carrying batons or beating on other Germans because it was "Demonizing" to the German people.

    I do enjoy your content, but you seem too concerned about what others think if you were to show the aspects of benevolence within the National Socialist state. You do this by sugar coating or using word-play.

  10. Your video was impressive. Right now Congress is getting reaady to pass a bill that will allow the IRS to look into the average American's purchase of anything. They are setting it up so that the major (nation wide and world wide) banks will allow the IRS to see what you are doing with your money! This is the death of the 4th Amendment! This video is a good warning of what is happening today. Anyone ignoring this can continue to keep your head stuck in the hole in the ground.

  11. Austrian nobel prize winning economist, historian, philosopher, Friedrich Hayak, in 1944, very clearly lays out how Germany was socialist and how it lead to Hitler and the Nazi regime becoming what it became.

    The Road To Serfdom – Friedrich A. Hayek

    audiobook here:

    In fact, the book came out of an attempt by him to write a letter to the british government to warn them about socialism in Germany and the Nazis in the 30s; and is included in the book now.

  12. Your description of late 30s Germany sounds so much like a collapsing communist state… In the late 80s most people in Poland had a bit of savings. They could not spend it on goods or even food. Goods were very hard to find, food was rationed. I heard stories of people who hitch-hiked to another town because they had news of furniture delivered to a store. Later they would hitch-hike back with all the stuff they managed to purchase. My parents once went to buy a washing machine and after many hours (primarily spent in a queue) came back with a fridge, because that was what was available. And then the way to bribe people would not be money but a bit of sausage or a bottle of vodka. Crazy times.

  13. Just saw the video, absolutely spot on and accurate. But Hitler's beneficiaries were many, peasant farmers, young people without a moneyed background. I could go on but the sudden availability of meat in the diet in Sudeten soups for all, and shoes to wear was small compensation for conscription and Stalingrad. No to mention the unshakeable odium of the Holocaust. I am still in awe of the accuracy of this presentation.

  14. One more argument for the repeal of "Legal Tender" laws and for competition of currency and (privately minted) coin. Nobody would hold onto increasing WORTHLESS paper and credit for any length of time!

  15. This is so cool, love your show so much and has reinvigorated my interest in this era of history. I lost interest because the speaker was either a socialist, a Keynesian, some variant of nationalist warmongerer, or a national socialist simp (also there are some guys who are great on technical knowledge, tanks like said in the title, but that gets boring after a time). This has been fun to find. Also if you haven't spoken on it I'd be curious as to your take on the book "Stalin's War" and specifically information we have as to Soviet intentions to invade mainland Europe before mainland Europe (NatSoc Germany) invaded them. Thanks (edited: also the book "the vampire economy" is a great source for info about life under Nazi economic policy)

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