Stock ‘terfed’ out by Sussex intersectionalists

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  1. We need a new term for when radical group you have very little common ground with (most vociferous feminists) gets successfully attacked by a more radical group (trans rights activists) on one of the few areas you agree with that radical group (women are women, and lesbians shouldn't have to have sex with someone with a penis).

    I find it difficult at a macro level to feel sorry for people that run women's D/V shelters complaining given how militant they have been at preventing men's D/V shelters, although I have infinite compassion at the micro level for the people suffering from D/V who need help.

  2. This is unreal! Thanks for showing us this. This woman has been treated most unfairly and the more moderate "whatever's" (moderates) that see this it will generate political backlash when it comes time to vote and the party that can manage "not mental" will win it!

  3. 3:32 no one else makes the ridiculous claims to be what they are not. Well, okay, a few do, but when they're found out they're called out for being impostors.
    Can people, especially reporters, stop listening to the funny sounds and actually listen to the argument made and consider if they make any sense?

  4. Feminism itself should be cancelled. It started as transphobic, founders through the years were transphobic, and the name itself is exclusionary and implies transphobia.
    Go to work 4chan marketing department

  5. I never thought I'd see the day when I saw Lotus Eaters standing up for what I would call 'real feminism'. But I am glad to see it. I feel like the women's rights the suffragettes fought for are being rolled back by biological males again. When I say I'm a feminist my views align with the Kathleen Stock or traditional ideas, not these crazy left-wing intersectionalists.

  6. I'm not sure whether or not it was intentional from the camera crew, but just take a look at the paused video at 2:50. Those massive shoulders, masculine frame, the height, the everything. Blurry because of the distance but still very clear.

  7. If there are no genders/sexes how can you identify? Isn't the whole argument from the left saying there are no differences between the different identities? Can't we just collapse their arguments by saying to them "According to your own system there are no differences or even sexes/genders then how can you attribute different characteristics to either sex/gender?" they either have to recognize that there are differences between the sexes/genders or there are not, and if not then how do they categorize them selves without using sexes. Doesn't this collapse the entire argument?

  8. This sort of behaviour doesn't help trans people, it has the opposite effect. Most of these very vocal activists do not represent actual trans people, they are self appointed narcists.

  9. I don't think it's not wanting real trans women to occupy those spaces it's the fact that self identification could allow someone who isn't trans to get access to vunerable women. The trans activists are saying that this won't happen but it already has. Look up Karen White

  10. The problem they have is that trans people make a lot of noise about these things and then doing so newspapers and TV can use that as entertainment on the newspaper articles or TV which helps to sell their advertising which pays the bills, if trans people want to use these facilities and the women don’t want them to do so because they want the areas to be women only then surely the answer is to have separate facilities for all people including transpeople rather than further victimising the women who are there because their victims in the first place. Or get rid of their status as women only places

  11. From now on I want you all to call me Loretta.
    -Well why do you want to be called Loretta, Stan?
    Because I want to have babies.
    -But you can't have babies, where's the fetus going to gestate, you going to keep it in a box?

  12. " No one else has to prove who they are."
    Odd, I have to show my birth certificate to get ID, I have to show said ID when cops pull me over.
    I'm "on the spectrum" and to get the autism card that I can show to people as proof of my disorder when certain things go awry, I have to have a full fledged medical diagnosis of said disorder approved by the psychiatrist(s) that treated me.
    If I go past Customs I need to show my passport etc.
    But no one has to prove who they are… ever. sure thing.

  13. So, is the University expelling those responsible? Until Universities start to enforce behaviour standards from their students, these thugs will continue to do this.

  14. All I can focus on is hair. Holy hair. Was there a hurricane in England or was there a BOGO on blowouts? 😂😂🤣🤣. Well done, you both seem to be getting more comfortable in front of the camera. 🤙🏻

  15. "Anything Brown, Blair govt did, cut it?"


    1. National minimum wage
    2. Civil partnerships for gays and lesbians
    3. Tax credits
    4. Good Friday Agreement & hence peace in Northern Ireland
    5. Human Rights Act
    6. Massive increase in Investment in a cash-starved NHS – reducing waiting lists for hips/cataracts down to 8 weeks.
    7. Huge increase in spending on education system
    8. Sure Start-delivered services & support to young children and families, with £450 million funding in the first 3 years
    9. Equal age of consent for gays and lesbians
    10. Removing Section 28
    11. Devolution for Scotland and Wales.
    12. Establishing the Mayor of London.
    13. Reform of the House of Lords
    14. Establishing the Supreme Court
    15. Banning of all handguns

  16. Something very sinister going on in the halls of the powerful to allow such a tiny tiny minority group, such lobbying powers and media coverage , it smacks of a slow stage by stage infiltration of all British establishments of long standing, that are of great worth to society as a whole , being picked apart and turned to mush , breaking the bonds that make us human and pitting groups against each other with the aim to destroy the current systems in the UK and render the nation worthless ……….. and render individuals victims of a ignorant pointless control system that destroys freedom of thought and speech , learning and advancement ..

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