Stocks slump as UK unveils debt-financed tax cut

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Written by CNBC Television


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  1. Investor are fleeing from UK and EU to USA.

    EU Brussel politburo announced that they will discuss new Sanctions on Russia 28-Sept

    EU putting new sanctioning on Russia – what's left that has NOT been sanctioned.? Unborn children of Russian officials or their Russian family pets ?

    Its a Costly LOVE affair with Ukraine' !

    Why are large segments of British, Italian, French, German and EU public being sacrificed for Ukraine and USA. ??

    Than you have German Annalena Baerbock said on TV, I will put my Ukraine first, no matter what my German voters think or say or even demonstrate in our streets.

    Liz truss said on France 24 news. I love my Ukraine -till death do us part. On USA TV, Truss promises UK will not ration energy – but says higher bills are worth it to stand up to Russia.

    I wish liz had the same love for my English brothers and sister !

  2. Anyone from the United Kingdom and anyone one that converted their fiat currency from any foreign country into US dollars is making a killing. If you converted a majority of your cash into US dollars in the last 6 months, you have already had more than a 10% return in price appreciation without taking into account using US dollar funds into Treasuries or US government bonds that could pay at least 3% and it gets better in that some US federal investments are already paying almost 10% annual in interest. I do expect foreign investors will have a shot of generating more than an annual 25% return just in interest and appreciation from their US investments in the next 18 months.

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