Stop Watching ‘The Project’

The Project and ‘soft questioning.’ Name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait.


A huge thank you to our patrons who continue to support satire in this country. You guys are truly amazing


Written by friendlyjordies


  1. TV does that to you…I wanted to be a plumber until I started watching ACA. Tracey is so convincing and there's no way that Brady Halls would take his camera crew to chase someone down the street if it was all bullshit, right?

  2. You should run the state, and the country, the WHO, and give the IMF a crack whilst you’re at it…you seem to know everything.

  3. This blokes on the money i get sick just thinking about sky news and the project brainwashing family's around the dinner table with there rubbish

  4. finally someone who puts things into perspective and calls out the bullshit no matter who is telling bs or what channel it comes from stick it to them and keep sticking it to them well done

  5. I have no idea why you are coming up in my feed. I gave you about 4 mins but you proved basically everything of… nothing. I'm not sure if you are trying to prove yourself enlightened, funny or just plain drag… but either up your content or try prove a point… with your verbal diarrhoea…Paul Murray actually looking good right now!

  6. You’re lucky you have a decent news channel. Sky news Australia is just about the only mainstream news that tells any truth….although I’m sure you’d prefer our SJW wet lettuce UK version….Yes you are the one that’s insane

  7. Have you ever tried debating anyone on the right? I’d love to see it. Easy enough to spout nonsense when nobody is pulling you on your rediculous comments and ideas.

  8. Everyone needs to realize something. Please read on.

    If it weren't for the Chinese, CV would be a non-issue. If you're a proud citizen of your country, irregardless of wherever it may be there is one thing we much see. The stranglehold had upon us, and absolutely especially in Australia, must be realized and acted upon should we wish to enjoy a vibrant and prosperous future.

    The western world is focused largely upon the issues of America all the while the horrendous acts of the CCP and the people of China go unnoticed. Australia Belongs to China!

    Serpentza will elaborate for you.

    Australians, please stop arguing about the left and the right, who's right and who's wrong. We need to concentrate focus upon the corrupt Australian government for selling us out to COMMUNIST CHINA. We are being flanked by the real enemy while they cause raptures in the fabric of the west so as to avert out attention. This is a very serious matter that if a solution isn't arrived at we may now we may be at the crossroads of war in the future.

    I don't know what can be done except nothing will ever change unless people are knowledgeable about the true threat to democracy. COMMUNIST CHINA.

  9. One minute into the vid and just finished describing this guys backdrop. "He's a deadshit". Holy Shit, I almost shitted myself. Why aren't you the PM already dude!!! Say it how it is. 🙂

  10. my Nan watches The Project, I asked her why she watches that shit, she just goes because it's funnier than all the other news outlets, if that isn't a sad indictment on journalism in this country I don't know what is.