Stories from the Siege of the Shrine Of Remembrance

Both Damien and I were there. And we were arrested with these three men.
These are their stories from the day.

We will soon do a special on the event.

Written by Cafe Locked Out


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  1. Oh Jesus Christ this is a complete muppet show..It's like butter wouldn't melt in these retards mouth!
    To somehow link these clowns to any ANZAC 'spirit' is just laughable..I'd say anyone connected to an ANZAC, except maybe the idiot from neighbours ,(who will surely get a gig on sky news soon) would be laughing, or crying..
    Then we have the 'host' saying he didn't know the words to the national anthem before that day.That actually says it all.
    I won't even mention 'the boys' as really, whats there to say.. Like….vaccinized……!
    The whole 'protest' was one giant Trump show.A giant moan by failed, middle aged white men.

  2. This was a DISGRACEFUL CHAPTER in the history of Melbourne, Australia, even. The mindless, brainless, brutality was a very black day for our democracy. So sad. You FREEDOM MARCHERS were heroes. I was sooo angry at the biased media coverage that lied and said you were violent, disrespectful thugs. Most of us knew it was a lie. We thank you guys. Incredible fight for justice. Bravo!!!

  3. They who have trashed their consciences are bitter toward those who can listen to and act upon their conscience/wisdom. "Thought" is a privilege we give up at our peril. Thanks for listening to yourselves and your forefathers.

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