Strange things about the Balenciaga photoshoot

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


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  1. Also, the red shoe and rainbow symbolism going on in some of the pictures.
    A fair bit of magenta/pink going too, where, along with the more the recent emerald green that's often shown up, could be something they're using or latching onto and utilising as it interacts somehow with the fabric of reality.
    27:50 looks similar to one of the Olympic opening ceremonies with that huge moving ball of people with knives and sh*t sticking out.

  2. Only something that's %100 pure evil likes, appreciates, condones, creates or pays someone to create horror like this. None of it has any redeemable quality, and is in no way art.

    It's a window into the soul of evil.

  3. Borremans ….any connection with hitlers righthand man martin Bohrman perhaps? Same kind of sick fantasies …. just saying…. And in the picture with the boy with the red shoes ALL stuff has criminal connotations….like on the left on the ground a hood that criminals would use to rob a bank….

  4. Black in the physical world is an absence of light, not a color. Conversely, white is a combination of all colors (light). The symbolism (power) of color, which is energy in the physical world, black is absence of light.

  5. It's part of their religious rules.
    They have to tell their victims what they are going to do too them and get their victims approval.
    Stuff like this is common and counts as approval or disclosure under their twisted religious system, which is Satanism.

  6. Baal is the god they sacrifice children too. When parents castrate their children with drugs used to sterilize child sex offenders, they are Sacrificing them to Baal.
    Baal is a death-god from Babylon.
    The one God said in the Bible "Stop throwing your children into the flames of Baal"
    It's another name for Satan.

  7. Lying a bunch of trashy Claire's Boutique-tier items out on the floor or on a coffee table is not brilliant product showcasing by any stretch. It looks like your average ebay listing. Honestly, those items look like giveaway premiums and door prizes. Where's the glamour?

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