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Workers at companies like Kellogg’s, Nabisco and John Deere have hit the picket lines in recent weeks hoping to get a better deal from their employers. A new survey suggests the public by and large supports them.

The AFL-CIO labor federation commissioned the progressive pollster Data for Progress to take the public’s temperature on the strikes that have made headlines this summer and fall. The online survey of nearly 1,300 likely voters asked if they “approve or disapprove of employees going on strike in support of better wages, benefits, and working conditions.”

Seventy-four percent of respondents either strongly approved or somewhat approved of the strikes, while just 20% strongly disapproved or somewhat disapproved of them. Six percent did not have an opinion. (See the full results.)

Not surprisingly, the backing of strikers was strongest among Democrats, 87% of whom approved of the walkouts. But support was still robust among independents and even Republicans, with 72% and 60% approval, respectively.

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  1. In other words we should have rallied behind Andrew yang who Democrats Republicans Independence all liked and was not scared of being a socialist who was young fun intelligent Forward thinking a family man etc who's economic populism what's more populous than one thousand dollars per month for everyone getting a share of the pie whether or not you work or not get paid for being a human being

  2. It does not make fiscal sense to do what the people want. The real gold mine for senators is from donors, the only make promises to joe average to get voted then simply serve the rich 🥺

  3. I sincerely don’t understand why we don’t have more red state and rural Democrats that run on economic populism/progressivism and then are socially moderate or civil libertarian types. Just run them as “Labor Democrats” to completely sidestep the stupid “socialism” label, and I think you’d have a serious lane for multiple victories across the country in unexpected areas.

  4. It annoys me how Kyle can correctly identify that the problem is the two party duopoly being brought and paid for by the wealthy elite, but refuse to recognize the obvious – either we create a strong third party or electoralism is dead. It's especially annoying when he bemoans fatalistic ideologies as an impediment to progress, without realizing that he engages in the very same thing when he berates third parties.

  5. Unions are less subject to political pressures. If you want to improve the political situation I frankly don’t know how it’s not done by increasing union membership and using their influence

  6. TACTIC THOUGHT: Need to have a SUPPLY UNION (pilots, conductors, port workers, and truck drivers) to strike so the entire US supply chain buckles.

    Until their demands are made, NOTHING moves to our biggest distributors.

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