Student Injection Campaign at Lakeside Shopping Center, WA – Move on – nothing to see here.

A small group of concerned parent attended Lakeside Shopping Center, Perth Western Australia, on Tuesday 16th November 2021 in response to Premier Mark McGowan’s WA State Government via the Department of Health initiating a campaign to bus school students in to be injected.

On the question of informed consent, the Supervising Teacher makes no comment, Security Staff get aggressive and forcibly remove a man voicing his concern and the Police arrive and walk away after agreeing to discuss the issue of consent.

This will be uploaded in a Two part series covering when the Police arrive.


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Written by Freedom Media WA


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  1. We are with you WA keep reporting, labour government is evil to the core. Criminal behaviour. Great reporting, Melbourne is with you 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Thank you Freedom Media WA for reporting on this! This makes my blood boil! All those security scumbags need to be removed from their positions immediately! That teacher is a pure devil! What a cold hearted peace of @#$&! Giving children/teenagers permission to sign the form behind their parents back so they can receive the mark of the beast jab is sickening. Remove your children from school! Every single person participating in allowing children to get jabbed must be held responsible for crimes against humanity, no excuses for not knowing what your child is really getting, do your research! If you don’t trust your own child’s immune system then you have completely sold yourself to this satanic government and the big pharma. Isn’t it obvious by now that the same plan has been rolled out all over the world and some still don’t stop to question why that is. Being forced to do something is not normal it’s evil. MSM is the last thing standing that is still preventing many people from thinking with their own heads, this is why the government and their buddies are still pushing the narrative. The only real virus is them!

  3. That is the problem, free men and women do not ask for permission, Do what is right you know what is right, we all know what is right from wrong, Silence is consent we must wakeup rise up stop tyranny
    let love guide you not fear

  4. How can these adults willingly do this knowing kids are 100% safe from the virus anyway?? It's all risk and no gain It's insanity and these people should be held accountable if any kids fall ill or worse like so many others have around the world

  5. So composed Lindsay,gathering all the information that will incriminate themselves.Your work is so important.
    Do you have the latest consent form for children, I heard it has changed.
    Remain in light

  6. Children don't even get sick from Covid…. Look at the stats – basically there are hardly any covid deaths under 30yo and those that do die or get sick have comorbidities

  7. So noticed you failed to show a few different parts of the video from what actually happened
    1. One of those 'big bad security guards' was physically assaulted for no fucking reason
    2. You fail to understand the basics of consents and what happens when you get the actual injection
    3. And all this people you have problem with are still fucking people doing their job to put food on the table
    4. Where did you show your qualifications and licensing? You asked them for theirs
    5. Where did you ask to film anyone and where was their consent to be filmed?

    You want to go on about consent Where Where you ask for everyone else's consent to be in this video

    All you are fucking doing is spreading misinformation without actual research and instigating violent protest

    Especially after you were asked multiple times to leave. You questioned a security guards job after being told multiple fuckinf times

    YOU BROKE THE RULES!!!! and ignored this multiple fucking times
    .but love how instead of listening to what you were told you kept asking

    Next time show fucking everything and maybe show that same respect for consent yoy are harping on about mate
    Sincerely a spouse of one of those security guards

  8. Спасибо за помощь нашим китайским товарищам. Держите уровень вакцинации низким. Поглощение 2022 года будет намного проще.

  9. Good.

    I mean, good that you were kicked the fuck out. What sort of creeps go to where children are going to be, filming them and trying to talk to them? Pedos pretending to be antivaxxers.

  10. Quasi reporters and researchers trying to get personal with a shopping centre security guard. Please go about your pathetic existence without intimidating innocent people and scaring the children you pretend to care for. DISGUSTING!!

  11. It IS criminal. Just down the road from Lakeside Joondalup, at Currambine Shopping Centre today, one young male who has been bussed in by a school, has collapsed. I wonder if that young man's parents even knew. No wonder they don't want this filming. This is absolutely shocking. My friend's son, living in this same area, has just had this jab and now has chest pain so severe that he cannot exercise and is under a cardiologist. The first duty of a teacher is to provide a SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. Taking them out of school, even without parents' knowledge, to be injected while still minors, falls way short of these standards. This is why I left teaching this year. And possibly also why WA is desperate for relief teachers now.

  12. It’s private property. It’s private property.
    Open to the public. You can’t be open to the public and expect privacy. Somebody really needed to punch these people in the face.

  13. And now the video of the 14 year old boy collapsing in the centre after the 🍍.
    Those teachers, security guards and police all have blood on their hands.
    You will all be judged by God as you are complicit.

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