Study from Japan: COVID-19 Vaccines Myocarditis Risk higher than originally thought

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Yet another study, this time in Japan, raises concerns about mRNA COVID-19 vaccine safety signals. Recently posted in the preprint server medRxiv, co-author Rokuro Hama, director of the Japan Institute of Pharmacovigilance, a Japanese post-approval monitoring agency, reports evidence of growing concern. A sophisticated operation, this Japanese group diligently pursued its mission. They report that myocarditis mortality ratios (MMRRs) and their confidence intervals (95%) after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines compared with the general reference population over the past three years were significantly higher not only among the young adult population (highest in the 30s with MMRR of 6.69) but also in the elderly.

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  1. did you see the study out of Thailand the checked teenagers Hearts before and after administering and the results showed that one third of them had heart damage? or the fact that the countries with the highest vaccination rates also have the highest mortality rates

  2. Here in the uk there is a doctor who is a renowned cardiologist who's father also a renowned cardiologist died due to it he is currently having discussions with the uk government requesting the cool aid be stopped immediately because of the heart issues they are causing along with the other issues
    I pray they stop this madness

  3. This is great news, myocardial issues aren’t just permanent damage to someone’s heart….it also effects there brain….for being stupid enough to believe the corruption and lies spread by these media and healthcare clowns. 🎉🎉🎉👍👍🤔🤔🤔 Time to wake up was two years ago!

  4. CEPI, along with G7 leaders and G20 nations, has an ambitious plan — the 100 Days Mission — that will dramatically reduce the time it takes to develop new vaccines against emerging viral threats.

    A crucial part of the 100 Days Mission is the building of a library of prototype vaccines — ideally, at least one each against the 25 or so viral families that are known to infect people.

    These families include: the coronaviruses, which produced Sars and Mers before Covid; the filoviruses, including Ebola and its Sudan strain now spreading in Uganda; and orthopoxviruses, which both smallpox and monkeypox belong to.

    The vaccines in the library should also draw on rapid-response technologies tested and ready to be adapted to make shots against newly emerging threats.

  5. Telegram also has a number of doctors that discuss their take on the vaccine and have been doing so over a year that I know of. It also has a lot of general information coming from overseas and from within the us as well. Another good channel is the Epoch Times

  6. I don't get it now could every country have people diying from the vaccine if they make their own. Is Dr Fauci in-charge of the world scientists? That makes sense. Get the scumbag prosecuted in God's name he's a murderer sick in he's head. Evlle so inhuman.

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