Study Says Omicron Could END the COVID Pandemic, Antibodies PROTECT Against Other Variants


A new study suggests that catching Omicron PROTECTS against other variants like Delta. Experts say this could help usher in an endemic stage of the virus which could lead to herd immunity. This could be good news for those hoping for a return to normal life. However, according to experts it will likely get worse before it gets better.

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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. This is what I said, the highly contagious strain with barely any symptoms and extremely mild at that, is the one which brings us that herd immunity, this is literally the life cycle of a virus, fundamentally a virus wants to live and killing the host isn't helpful because the virus dies, so it evolves to be able to spread far and wide yet not actually be thay harmful for healthy young people, common cold was once the novel cold and killed thousands every year

  2. Let's see. What else is scheduled for 2024? Anyone? Anyone? Yes, that's right. The next presidential election. Could this mean the regime wants the pandemic to last till 2024 to be able to make the same kind of changes to the voting rules/laws as they did in 2020 to help their side? Nahhhhh. They'd never do that.

  3. OSHA can enforce the mandate, but they cant make employers terminate employees. Thats strictly the Labor departments job. And the Labor department is not in charge of the mandate. OSHA is. So they cant make the employers terminate the employees.
    Its a catch 22.

  4. We’re in this problem because majority of Meds in America are made offshore, transnational corporations don’t care about national emergencies. Was an oversight during trump and Obama, and definitely worse under Biden .

  5. 3 months ago, South Africa said this to the world, 3 bloody months, what did the world do? Locked everything down and screamed at the sky.
    Just because the data came from Africa, it was discounted, seems as racist as fuck…..

  6. God damn. I'm used to covid. I'm okay with covid. Just don't let that end and then have them make up some other fucked up weird shit in the future. We went to the from the Patriot Act to this garbage. What the fuck?

  7. It's amazing how people act like catching the flu is something new and they need to make something special over it. I guess they just want to stand out so bad that they will feed the delusion!!! (In 50 yrs the human study on the mental state of people needing to believe in something new to be part of the group will be one hell of a read! Kind if like the idiots that fell for the War Of The Worlds broadcast!).

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