Study: Vaccines Being Administered Incorrectly

DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. I raised this with Australians authorities months ago when they were employing nurses to give jabs m because I saw the poor techniques being used. Now a family member is vaccine injured with myopericarditis . Nurses have always been taught to aspirate, so NURSES, YOU HAVE NOT DONE YOUR JOB OF ADVOCATING, YOU ARE COMPLICIT. I see many are very young inexperienced , plus now they are using the local pharmacists who don’t give injections normally, . I’m gob smacked, & disgusted that nurses would do this. & injure people.

  2. Don’t know why they stopped aspirating. As RN it was routine. Not sure when they stopped doing this. Once in 30 yrs … I was giving flu vac & aspirated blood. Removed & gave in new site witness new flu vac. At the Tim I was really shocked as I had been giving vaccines to infants to adult. So u just need one person

  3. I absolutely believe in vaccines. I remember TB. Polio. Rubella to mention few , they have survived because & not got these diseases
    Covid-19 vac. So new , but I was glad to get my 2 & will be getting my booster all my family have been vaccinated. Perhaps it’s because I saw the difference in my lifetime how lives were saved. Covid kills elderly & people with underline health issues
    Thank you for bringing up incorrect way medics/nses give vaccines. Ireland

  4. The guy could be right, I don't know. Some, admittedly quick, research I did only came up with some anti-vax sites (the anti-vax, grifter shit-bag, Joe Mercola's, for one) that supported him. It just seems like the stuff of conspiracy theories to me. One guy against the arrogant medical establishment, and so on. What are the chances? Plus, Jimmy Dore seems to be more about gaining views at the expense of integrity these days. I stopped watching Dore when he become all cuddly with a fascist in a nice shirt and a pixelated rifle in the background. Not good.

  5. Well done, Jimmy Dore.
    They are censoring scientists, artists, and comedians.
    In opposing censorship, you are an ally of science, an ally of artists, and an ally of comedians.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. My lady is a nurse who does flu shots mainly in the eldely. In Canada. She says they are taught not to aspirate for the deltoid. Reason being is pain. I use steroids, I always aspirate every shot regardless of injection site. That being said, I cannot recall anytime I drew blood in my delt, I have from my quad and glute a smal number of times. I will also mention that while running trenbolone I have experienced what is called "tren cough" from a deltoid injection. Only once. That occurs when trenbolone enters your bloodstream and causes chest pain and quite the cough. It passes quickly. During that injection I aspirated and did not draw blood. Based on my personal experience, while I use a compound that is oil based as opposed to water based, you can still have the compound enter your bloodstream. Not a doctor, just a bodybuilder with life experience with injections.

  7. can you please stop saying "it WILL" cause inflammation, instead of "it MAY" which is what the studies say? I agree with the point of this, but we have to be correct in our statements in order to stay reliable.

  8. Whistle blowers from Pfizer Merek I AstraZeneca J&J has come out these are bio weapons. Pfizer got approval for 2023 for the new named injection that they talked about they did not get approval for what are using now

  9. Last weekend not only does Australia have the FEMA camps for those who will not take the jobs the police going in and jabbing people in their homes and apartments but now as of last weekend they have no access to their own bank accounts Australia officials froze their accounts. I’m afraid to say I believe that the mark of the beast is C ertificate OF V acine ID entification.

  10. Research I’ll provide later when I write down all the patent numbers. Everyone of these so-called viruses have patent numbers starting with Aids. A disease that occurs naturally can I get a patent number

  11. I work in a run-of-the-mill office, doing "admin" – one of my colleagues the other day said "I've passed my training to administer jabs!" She has zero medical background. She won't be aspirating.

  12. As soon as you try and post this now on FB it's already slapped with a "fact checker warning" that it's partly false information. Funny thing is Dr Campbell's video that Jimmy is showing here does NOT have the same warning slapped on it. Why's that? Why do they label all Jimmy's posts with warnings lately but don't slap the articles/videos/evidence he shows with the same warning?!! Lying bastards. Who's on payroll, eh?🤨

  13. The fact that we are facing this dystopian period tells a lot about how weak and fragile we are, in fact. As communities, as societies, as countries. It shows how easy it is to bring a community from balance, predictability and normality to total chaos and blind obedience in a very short time frame, where all logic and common sense gets broken (and accepted as such!). We have to think a lot more about that. How did we reach this point, what are the flaws in our "operational model" and what we need to do to secure not only our communities, but ourselves, as individuals.

    If we ended up like this so easily, then think about further (and frightening) possibilities that may be….explored.

  14. Quit being incendiary and fear-mongering. Even in intravenous the side effects are minimal. Where I got my VAX they did aspirate.
    Just ASK FOR IT, ok?? It’s NOT that big a deal !!

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