Stunner: Biden Retracts EVERY Campaign Promise

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. "the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting different results" –

    Technically we are getting different results but the results we're getting are the exact opposite of what we want.

  2. This guy, Not that I trust anyone totally, But of all people Jimmy is one I respect. I still be skeptical, of EVERYONE, but jimmy, you hit many notes repeatedly. THANK YOU for what you do. hate student debt relief. Other than that You ROCK!!!! 😛

  3. How is vomit like Biden the "lesser of two evils"? You have to be a genius like Chumpsky to see a difference between Lying Joe and the Orangutan Conman. I dunno. Maybe under Trump the Zionnazies would've blown up three rather just two buildings in Gaza and bombed 66 children into bio-vapor instead of just 60.

  4. Eventually, progressives will realize that Voting will change NOTHING…. The Left Versus Right paradigm is just an illusion, as both party's are supported by the same Corporate interest. If ya want change, Hit the real Power right where it hurts…. in the pocketbook! National Strike, BDS the Establishment, lather, rinse and repeat!

  5. “Trump is an idiot “ – THIS is why you guys in the media can’t understand / predict. When actual intellectuals like Jordan Peterson rate Trump to be an very intelligent, you have to do your homework to prove them wrong

  6. Demanding nothing? Do your really think it matters? They made promises then reversed corse on all of them. They can promise all they want next time and it won't matter dems will loose. But that's a good thing.

  7. To be completely honest, if you were a person that believed Biden with any of those campaign promises, you are a gullible moron. He was never going to keep those promises and anyone with half a brain knew it. Trump kept more promises than Biden has

  8. You guys are constantly railing against Chomsky, about advocating for voting in Biden, then pushing him left, while blatantly giving Cornell West a pass, even when he purported the same. They all need to be exposed, even though I love the positions of West.

  9. I appreciate Jimmy… But his guest calling Trump a idiot and a moron just showed he's suffering from TDS… You don't get to where Trump is by being a idiot….

  10. Jimmy is right. The richest people got richer during the last year. Wait till inflation destroys the savings of the middle class.

  11. I really want to like Jimmy Dore; he's passionate, and he seems principled… but then he goes off calling trump and other people idiots, only to follow it up by saying the stupidest fucking thing in the god damn world.

    No Jimmy, Biden is not a far right extremist. He may not be a good little progressive, but he's not far right. Come on, man!

  12. Biden is assuring another Trump because the Elitists are trying to blame Poor Working Class Whites and the Struggling Middle Class for the economic woes caused by the corrupt system that they control for their benefit and to the detriment of the vast majority of our citizens.

    The so called “racist” whites in the rural areas of this country are NOT responsible for:

    Shipping jobs overseas
    Money printing that benefits the Rich Elites
    Crappy public schools, especially in blue cities
    Police brutality, especially in blue cities
    Hate crimes, especially in blue cities
    Wealth and income gaps, especially in blue states

    The Democratic base includes Rich Whites/Asians/Jews/Blacks/LGBTQ, as well as Poor and Working Class Blacks/Hispanics/Single Moms/Illegal Aliens. The goal of the Rich Elite has been to pit the Poor and Working Class minorities against the Poor and Working Class Whites AND CLAIM THAT THE DEPLORABLES AND THEIR RACISM ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WEALTH AND INCOME GAPS and the unfairness of a system that has benefitted the Rich Elites. The Rich Elitists are the “good guys” fighting the systemic racism that has kept minorities. Their system is NOT systemically biased against the Working Class.

    The Deplorables are responsible for the policing in the Democratic cities.

    The Deplorables are responsible for the crappy public school systems.

    The Deplorables had their jobs shipped to China, too.

    The Deplorables living standards have deteriorated, too.


    That’s a bunch of bullshit.

  13. Biden is not another Trump. Biden is an obvious Globalist – in lockstep with both Israel and the UN, he's selling the country out in a way that Trump did not. Trump may have been a closet globalist and he certainly was in league with Israel (his fealty ensured by his Chabad-Lubavitch son-in-law and Sheldon Adelson) but he was not an outright, in-your-face globalist in the least and did a lot of things to make the globalist oligarchs quite pissed off. The Biden Administration is actively seeking to bring the US down (it's going down anyway, but the current administration is speeding things up). That is not what Trump was up to when he was in office. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing (it makes lifestyle liberals decide they like George Bush, Jr. and John Bolton and it makes them think that Anthony Fauci has a great scientific mind all because he used to roll his eyes behind Trump's back during press conferences) and now, apparently, it causes people to compare Biden to Trump when there is no comparison.

  14. I have been watching progressive shows on YouTube for 5 years. No once has YouTube recommended Graham Elwood. I, however, am consistently having to dislike and click the not interested tab for cnn and other mainstreams videos that are recommended. Screw you YouTube!

  15. Everyone who hates Trump usually just state lies that have been disproven. No new wars started. Peace deals. How many soldiers died under Trump? (Under 100) Then check how many died under bush and Obama (6000+) and if that doesn’t make you sick then you are a terrible person.