STUNNER: Dems Side With Right-Wingers On Middle East Oppression

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Edited by Michael Wurum

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  1. Just look at the names in government…all part of the tribe…all of them. Now you know what JE and GM were doing. Bribing, money laundering, buying off, blackmailing…that's why support for that shithole is unconditional.

  2. The FUCKING IDF was getting PPP loans…did you people know that? And foreign military getting American tax money during a pandemic.

  3. Israel doesn't just interfere with Palestine…it does so also in Ukraine, Armenia, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, etc. All that drug money is what makes them rich.

  4. Israel is 100% Socialist country. Free healthcare, free college, you name it. The world Palestine comes from the word Philistine. People that call themselves Palestinian are really Jordainian Arabs. The Philistines originally came from the greek Isles, and settled in the land of Canaan. The Philistines were not Arabs. They disapear as a people and culture in 600BC. In 135 AD the Roman empire exiled the Jewish people out of their land, they changed the name from Judea/Northern Kingdom of Israel, too "Philistinia"

  5. There is the anti-establishment Jimmy that exposes the intel community, corrupt leaders and the media…..
    Then there is idiot Jimmy talking about how we should burn everything down and you can end homelessness for $20 billion.
    This video was idiot Jimmy.

  6. Even my republican friends are having a hard time with this Bullshit. One of them patted my back and even said sorry you have to deal with Biden and such…… if you're a conservative with a liberal friend and you hate biden chances are they hate him too give em a hug

  7. A cult is 240 million Americans, convinced by both parties, MSM and corrupt health authorities, to take an experimental gene therapy jab. A jab that is killing 1000's and injuring 100's of 1000's more. Reminds me of Jonestown. Wasn't that a cult too?

  8. Jimmy, I'm shocked!! Excellent! I enjoy anyone who has the big freakin balls to standup to the U.S.'s "greatest allie"! They must have given themselves that knickname, for the puppets to repeat? Israel has nuclear missles, they stole the technology and enriched uranium from the U.S. They attempted to sink the U.S.S. LIBERTY with torpedoes , then shot up the deck, they even dropped napalm on it. When the Liberty dropped its lifeboats they sunk them. They steal tech regularly and then will sell it to China, it's now against the law to even criticize them for their abuse and murder of their unwilling neighbors whose land they occupy. If that isn't enough their lobby's don't have to register with F.A.R.A. Though it's a fact they have nuclear weapons, they won't admit it, so they don't have to sign on the Non Proliferation Conferance. Twice a year Netanyahu will draw cartoon nukes and claim Iran is 2 months away from having a bomb. Then there's 911, we ought to have better allies. How about their special status as duel citizens, that work within the U.S. government!! I got to say, friends like that, who needs enemies, of course they have bought and paid for most our puppet politicians and control the monetary system as well as foreign policy, we fight their wars for them. They have tried to force flood victims in Texas to sign a loyalty oath to Israel, in order to get relief. If you want to know who controls the world, find out who you aren't allowed to criticize, or split a twelver with Mel Gibson, maybe some tequila also? Anyways, bravo Jimmy does it hurt to sit on those big balls?

  9. Animal Farm and 1984 would've been much better books if Orwell had paused to reassure the reader that Hitler was a worse guy then Stalin every five or so lines.

  10. Can the unions, patients and those that depend on universal healthcare, UBI and a minimum wage increase promises during a pandemic take class action against the government by Promisory Estoppel?

  11. All those who voted for it sign their political careers in stone for the next 20 years. You play the zionist game, you win prizes.

  12. If you used that thumbnail here in Germany, you would immediately be considered a nazi, amti-semite and whatnot and nobody would ever talk to you again.. that's how bad it's gotten over here

  13. This just shows the immorality of our politicians! Pure corruption in our government and from the Israeli lobby AIPAC! Revolving money! You give us money and we give you money!