Sturgeon HUMILIATED As EU Countries To Reject SNP

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Sturgeon HUMILIATED As EU Countries To Reject SNP

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Thank goodness more and more people can see thru SNP bull – narcissism at its worst is really ugly and I can forgive any deluded politician for that but total denial and disregard for common sense and those that who voted her in I cannot. Wants to leave the UK club and join the EU wet-dream (proven to be defunct and corrupt by default) don't make sense from any angle – so divisive and as long as they get in EU (which ain't happening) she does not mind what the fallout is and the affect on poor old Scotland.

  2. Agree Mahyar except No. We should not interfere with another country's internal affairs. You mentioned Saudi. But i am happy to trade with any country without moralistically trying to change their country's history, religion, culture, politics etc. based on my values, provided that country does not harm us.

  3. Jokes on you, because we have been told we will been able to join the EU once we gain our independence. QUESTION- if Scotland are such a drain on the UK (England), why are the UK government so adamant they dont want us to leave? ???✌?✌?✌?✌?

  4. SNP' must be most incompetent government in UK history. How long it can carry on deflecting domestic scrutiny of its abysmal record on health and education with its fundamentally deceitful campaign for independence remains to be seen.

  5. I was listening with my eyes closed when I heard you refer to Greta Thunberg. You did refer to her right? Because I initially thought you said Greatest Humbug. Which would be quite witty

  6. Iv always said this as it was only great britain the eu wanted and got and tried to their very best to rob and pillage ,we've now left and you watch them all leave they called us treasure island once and robbed us ,other country's joined only on the fact the uk was in it,Scotland is a dept to the eu they don't want scotland,

  7. Mahyar. She is 12 months too late. She has destroyed all trust in her. She promised in the elections she would stop them. She has done. F All. only trying to sweeten us up with more lies now because we are finished with her. She should have done what she is (PROMISING TO NOW) 12 months ago. Look out for all the excuses we will get thrown at us now. She has given the French . Hundreds of thousands to get them to stop it their end. What a joke. Boris either get rid of her. Or get us to completely lose trust in you. Put a British born man into the job. You have got too many foreign born people in your cabinet. WHY?

  8. Problem with trade deals, they look good on paper but it all comes down to politics and the ability of the country to compete on prices. The UK can produce almost any product in the world, but it must compete against the rest of the world with the cost of producing the goods.

  9. Apollogies Mayhar. I called u an idiot previously. I just disagreed on vid. For the most part your show is deacent, interesting and informative. Keep it up

  10. Spain would be one of the first to welcome Scotland simply for two reasons first they have the largest fishing fleet in Europe and the largest fishing area is Scottish waters, secondly, they would welcome any support in their claim over Gibraltar, talking about India they have said they want a trade deal with the UK now with all the closeness and connections but the main problem is the UK restriction on people from Indian Subcontinent immigrating to the UK and this will be guiding their trade deals. The Indian Airforce planned to buy 200 aircraft for their front line services, the offers of French and British, and others they chose the French aircraft rather than deal with the discriminatory British government. India can still deal with individual members of the EU they are certainly not lining up to do deals with the UK as we are told by Westminster.

  11. Why don't the government start blowing its trumpet about what the government do for Scotland instead of using flags, they should be putting full page lists of the things they do for Scotland in papers.

  12. She calls herself a Nationalist as well, that’s the biggest joke about it, all she is is spite filled towards England to the degree that she’ll sell Scotland out just to get back at England, as a Scot i despise her and the SNP, to me she’s just like any other pretend Nationalist in that she has favourites, she’s a fake, if she’d treated all of Scotland the same i’d be fine with them but the SNP had their distinct favourites from the very beginning and so again in that regard that makes them fake in their main claim, so they’re just like all the rest of the political parties in existence.

  13. Just wait when the French say : take your border back from Calais and deal with these migrants that want to go to the UK, alway blaming the French for these illegal migrants is going to backfire, these Migrants did not come from France they have come from across other countries to Calais,, if the UK stood up and said to them, we don't want you don't come, and if you do you will be deported back to your countries of origin, and if you come back again you will be going to prison, then when you have completed your sentence then you will be deported again, and again !

  14. Unfortunately all the parties in Scotland are the same,they all basically follow the political correct/NWO /UN agenda.its Hobson choice,they are all traitors to the Scottish people and with pushing the fake plague narrative and without doubt the forthcoming mandatory warp speed vaccine agenda,they are all Masonic public enemies.the tragedy is most people are credulous mugs and sadly unless some remarkable awakening occurs,the Scottish people like most other western people are in grave jeopardy from these common purpose fiends.