Sturgeon Is Found GUILTY Of Misleading Parliament

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0:00 Sturgeon Lied

5:02 Sturgeon Responds To Inquiry

7:12 Scottish Independence Collapses

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Sturgeon Is Found GUILTY Of Misleading Parliament

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. We need proper politicians in the U.K. who are not Globalist Puppets for the U.K. to thrive. We don’t need Woke Idiots. We don’t need Europhiles. We don’t need the U.K. to be broken into states with Idiot Mayors.
    Sturgeon will need to be dragged out of her current position kicking and screaming she won’t resign.

  2. Sturgeon did not give any evidence to the committee at all during her 8 hrs of questioning.
    She did NOT tell the whole truth – she EVADED THE TRUTH. She hedged every question asked of her. She was forgetful, vague and dismissive. She misled Holyrood. NOW WE SEE THE REAL TRUTH that she was desperately trying to hide – exposed by David Davies in Parliament. She is a despicable lowlife.
    She only communicates what she wants the Scottish people to know. The real truth is always hidden.

  3. This is a biased video. She has not been found guilty. The leak says she has not been believed. That is not the same thing. Guilty obviously needs proof. There isn't any. It is Salmond's word against hers. Personally I wouldn't vote for either. Until there's a credible motive, I'd say Salmond's paranoid. Will we ever truely know. Remember wishing doesn't make it so.

  4. Does this mean James Hamilton has also made his mind up from the start. I’d love to know what relationship exists between Mr Hamilton and the SNP, Ms Sturgeon or anyone else in her circle?

  5. We Scott’s know her true gilt the destruction of our education system.
    Like all so called civil servants see and her ilk see themselves as our masters our royalty our teachers ?

  6. If the Scots want to preserve their hard earned identity, they would not be supporting morons like Krankie. Labour or the conservatives have the peoples interests at the forefront and not wasting effort on being subservient to a foreign power (EU).

  7. Bloke goes to court on a charge of burglary, defense says " i don't recall doing that" , but we have evidence you did it, " nope, I don't remember" , ok , free to go!

  8. If she doesnt step down then the ministerial code means jack shit. The fact she has been using the covid address to use it for independence referendum and politicising the pandemic but as soon as someone asks a question she doesnt want answer it's not up for discussion.

  9. I love how sturgeon uses the covid press conferences to talk about everything else but when she’s asked about something else it’s only for questions about Covid-19 ?. Mmmm double standards.

  10. Another one of those conspiracies that's turned out to be true, funny how often this happens these days, I wouldn't believe anything from main stream media, do your own research & find the truth it's very easy if you have access to the Internet!

  11. Any conclusion that committee came to is rendered null and void by the conservative members of said committee, finding her guilty beforehand, before hearing her evidence….haha….. pathetic Tory halfwits.

  12. The Scottish electorate clearly have a choice to make : Disavow an embittered ex leader who was well documented as 'a bit grabby' at close quarters or choose someone who wants Scotland to prosper when cut loose from the apron strings of Westminster. Even if Scotland fails pro bono, Sturgeon cannot be blamed for attempting to deliver a mandate that was unequivocally endorsed by the Scottish majority

  13. If she gets her Independence, she'll do a Tony Blair.
    Ruin a country then magically become a multi multi millionaire.
    The decent Scots can see this coming but are too docile to prevent this.

  14. She's a Mafia boss, drain the SNP swamp. She's an embarrassment to Scotland, not a single Scot that I know can stomach this cow, curious where the votes come from??