Sturgeon Wants To Jail JK Rowling Over Trans

Nichola Sturgeon wants to jail JK Rowling over her comments on trans people. She will be given the power to do it in the latest Scottish Hate Crime Bill.

Written by Andre Walker


  1. Verywell aware of what is going on!!! What is UNCLEAR and problematic!!!!… How do most informed people, get a relevant number of people WHO DO NOT share the "VALUES PROMOTED" in this bill to have their voice MADE KNOWN in an effective way. Seems reasonably unreasonable, that you could fall victim to this!! by even addressing it in any context…

  2. Well I hope this goes both when politicians spout shite and untrue,like sturgeon,will they be banged up.its basically a war on having an opinion,and people like her don't want anyone with opinions.just sheep.

  3. Well to say there is freedom of speach in UK is joke anyways one of the worst countries in the world plus it seems common sence is gone too… But then again if peaple let government do this then they deserve it

  4. for goodness sake, jk rowling wrote amazing books that really gave joy to youngsters, i bought all of her books for my children because they loved reading them, she is a talented, intelligent individual that gave so much to youngsters. if nicola sturgeon(wee willie crankie)wants to behave in such a hamfisted way, she really is showing herself to be a dictator of the worst kind. I'm beginning to wonder if sturgeon has leave of her senses

  5. Over in the United States, there are numerous rural sheriffs who refuse to enforce laws they view as unconstitutional, especially things like gun control or the recent covid restrictions. How would cops in Scotland feel about being willing thugs for Sturgeon? Would Scots have the will to fight back?

  6. Surely by stating that anything any person says is a hate crime, that in itself is a hate crime against that alleged perpetrator . Scotland will have to build a lot of prisons, at least enough for their entire population because every criticism would be a crime.

  7. Sturgeon sound exactly like our QLD Premier here in Australia – she thinks she's queen of QLD & can tell us what we can & can't do. I thank god I don't live in QLD or in Scotland-they are both lunatics with power mad schemes.

  8. One person's view is another person's hate crime. If a person states that men can be women and women can be men that can therefore be hateful to those who believe in biological and scientific facts.

  9. If you kill someone, intent and context are everything. They make the difference between an acquittal owing to self defence or life in prison for murder. Who is going to challenge this in the courts?

  10. You see Andre you have missed the point, this is a power grab by Sturgeon, the only way she has of keeping herself in power. If this law went through it would mean that no other party could produce leaflets, could opposed the SNP, could go door to door telling them what a good party they are.All of this would be a HATE crime, even to think of joining another party is a HATE crime. This is what is behind this new law.