Subway Franchise Owners Beg Corporate to Pull Megan Rapinoe Ads



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  1. Yeah, we get all the symbolism. Grown men ordering burritos
    Thank goodness for the ball-kicking, eavesdropping rape-eenho “ Y’all are too stupid, and not about to choose
    ethnic food ending in a
    vowel “ … Make subway great again

  2. I used to eat Subway at least once a week til this commercial. Maegan is so toxic with her lies and hate. Everything she stands for is a complete lie, so I can no longer support Subway. It was one of my favorite places too so the decision was a heavy one but easy to make, I will NOT be part of her hatred. Corps forget that their side is only 10% of the population. Please the 10% just to lose the 90%…..real smart.

  3. The Japanese sponsors of the Olympic shit show should sue for defamatory actions resulting in ratings lower than Hunters Standards.
    Japan lost billions.

  4. I once saw them sweeping a mat behind the counter knowing that dust was being thrown into the air where the food was uncovered. Not very hygienic…so not going back!

  5. I've been streaming tv for a few years now, had no idea this purple haired moron was a spokesperson for subway…well now that I know, when I have a craving for a sub, I'll be heading to firehouse or jersey mikes. Thanks subway for letting me know who's important in your life so I can steer clear.

  6. This is good that people are complaining about her. I don't really watch network TV so I didn't even know she was Subway's spokesperson. I will now avoid Subway moving forward. Same reason I'll never buy a Nissan now (Brie Larson). Vote with your wallets, folks.

  7. My frustration with Subway has less to do with who is endorsing them and more to do with the $8 gas station quality foot long cold cut I chewed through the other day.

  8. 6 Olympic matches, 2 goals. Great job Megan! Now you and your pals go disappear back into obscurity until 2024 ?. For now, I’ll be buying my sammiches at Jersey Mike’s.

  9. I seen the lady that works at the Subway near my house, I used to go to all the time she asked where I've been I said as soon as y'all picked up that purple haired soccer b** I ain't buy another sandwich from you she said she actually owns that franchise and she's losing business because of it, I am not the only one