Sucked in Crikey! but…

Lachlan Murdoch sues Crikey for defamation.

Police’s YouTube Strike-Force:

The Facts:
Media barons behind Crikey:
Crikey defamation lawsuit:
Avi Yemini:

The Lawsuit Begins:

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  1. Like how you cut out the part where Paul Barry discloses his shareholding. I didn't think the Media Watch peice on the Bruz saga was particularly unfair. Certainly less so than other media at the time.

  2. Look you are a loud middle left version of a shock jock and your arguments are base and vulgar at times but you do have your moments of genius.

    I'm glad I have the patience to sit through your opening rant because your side by side comparison of how MW treated your case and the Crikey case was brilliant. Why couldn't you open with that?

    Of course PB's argument would be Crikey are proper journalists.

    However I'm not so keen for those distinctions as I see a role for you , juice media and Julian Assange and others in critical thinking. None of you are exactly journalists in the traditional sense but I'm sure glad you do what you do to stir the pot and I think we all should defend your right to do it.

  3. You’re a legend! So proud to call you an Aussie ☺️👋👏👏👏👏👏👏 Be Prime Minister Rudd Style in your future. My son was ecstatic when I voted for Kevin Rudd. My son was in primary school at the time haha. Smart kid. Bias ok. Love Rudd & his wife is even awesome. So I was wrapped watching you guys together. So cool. Since my welfare days, politics is my thing too. Love this channel. Sorry I can’t financially support. Libs have made me on dsp pay for private specialists etc. NDIS thanks to Rudd government literally saved my life. If I ever can give I will to you 1st. Bloody legend Jordie. Good name. My sons name. Lol 😂 Just paying where credit is due. Too much negative peeps. 👋👏👍

  4. On point with this

    I been calling them out in comment section for this bad behavioural and gold panning.

    Its like Crikey. Was the Eshay asking for a cigarette butts and living in a huge mansion in Mt Druitt. But everyone forgets about the mansion and it’s security gates or paywall revenues.

    Wow that about Paul Barry is bad

  5. I remember watching that episode of media watch and seeing Paul Barry having to disclose that he not only worked at Krikey but was also a shareholder.

    Krikey was originally an independent online news source. But after years of investment from various billionaires it is the equivalent of independent records, an offshoot of Sony Music.

  6. Anyone else noticed that waleed ali has a forehead of the gods? Like I'm pretty sure you could use his forehead as a whiteboard…wait a his brain on the outside? I mean just scribble whatever you want and he will show you.

    Also in saying this I have to admit jordan has a superior forehead.

  7. I'm so torn on this. I want Crikey to win this case, but I absolutely do not want to support such a hypocritical group of stuck up journos. Which I guess is the same stance Jordie is taking here. Such a shame to see such blatant disregard for their own beliefs.

  8. They defamed me 10 years ago. Claimed i was running a pub and had betrayed the trade union movement. I was homeless at the time and trying to go through a law degree. I emailed them three times to try to get a correction. They refused. They actually sent me a email asking for money for their defense a couple of days ago. I told them where to shove it. I despise Murdoch. I hope he takes them to the cleaners.

  9. Yea it wasn't Murdoch that helped instigate Jan 6th, it was the glowies in the crowd and the fact that everyone was STILL dealing with a year of riots by that point….which Biden/Harris helped to fundraise for so the rioters could get bailed out. Don't worry it only directly led to one murder that we know of so it's super chill though, not nearly as bad as a bunch of grandma's being ushered into a building on one side and a few dozen morons pushing cops on the other while politician's are busy f**ing America in the a*** inside.

  10. It is truly sad when a video like this will go unnoticed by most Aus when c***s like Clem the man hater and Gina are on the same page. Crikey is likely a right wing experiment into how to brainwash lefties, like where the fuck did they even come from and how did they mange to appear on the average media feed? Trash journalism, and God awful attempts at explaining reality. Full of shit and we need to be challenging this heavily. While Crikey might have a case against Murdoch, they're likely on the same side to set a new precedence to ruin independent journalism.

    I mean honestly we've seen the rise of left wing media and their ridiculous demands "hurr durr no more coal starting from NOW YOU HATE EVERYONE" but being backed by right wing funds proves its akin to a fucking psyop.

  11. So what , I hope Jordon becomes richer all the more so he can better battle whoever he needs to because despite what Barry says he is a journalist and comedian and has proven to be so more in substance and real world effect than these so called journalist who are basically propaganda agents and mouth pieces for Murdoch et el

  12. I love how they try to claim that you need to show evidence of the people you called corrupted while being very hypocritical and not see the signs when they're that blatantly obvious. It's like it doesn't exist because they have a hard on for these people that they get behind so often they evidence stacks against their opinions and thoughts.

  13. Odds are that Lachlan will claim the same thing in court here that theyve been claiming in legal proceedings in the US for years. That "no rational person" would believe the rubbish they spew.

  14. Sky news messed up.. they said you were against conservative females.. what about that whole you being a supposed racist thing?

    Guess they can't keep up with their own lies 😂

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