Sudden Death After COVID Shots

In this video, I talk about sudden death after COVID shot looking at a recently published German autopsy study. Their study is about sudden death autopsies, and Myocarditis. I also talk about vaccine induced myocarditis including a brief review of a prospective Thailand study.

German Autopsy Study:

Thailand study:

COVID vaccination associated with increase in cardiac arrest 911 calls?

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Dr. Keith Moran MD, RCPSC, DABIM, RCS, NBE Biography:
I am a consultant in Internal Medicine with special medical interests in gastroenterology, cardiology, and echocardiography. I am a a full-time practising physician in these areas. I was an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, Trinity College where I received a number of scholarships including one for top student at Trinity College. I attended medical school at the University of Toronto graduating with a gold medal. My internship was completed at McMaster University in Hamilton followed by a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Western Ontario in London. I then completed a fellowship in General Internal Medicine at the University of Western Ontario. I am an active echocardiographer who has been certified and recertified by the National Board of Echocardiography. I am certified in cardiac sonography and have trained and completely educated a number of cardiac sonographers. I am the medical director of my cardiology laboratory which was established in 2001. My laboratory performs echocardiography and stress echocardiography amongst other tests. I maintain my certification in the American Board of Internal Medicine. I have over 27 years of experience as a hospital-based consultant in internal medicine and intensive care unit attending physician. I am the medical director of the cardiac rehabilitation program in my community.

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  2. no females get these heart problems, but what tends to happen with females is blood clotting, usually on the brain, there has been a few high profile cases in the UK, one was a BBC local radio presenter in her 40s, Lisa Shaw, she died after developing headaches a week after getting her first dose of the AZ covid vaccine, they went on to try and blame the contraceptive pill, somehow reacting to the jab, which is why this problem only effects women, then they tried to say, you risk getting blood clots from paracetamol, its a cover up and excuses from start to end.

  3. The greatest crimes in medical history. The fact they continue to roll these poisons out, and now for babies, tells you all you need to know. This is a dark evil agenda.

  4. No offense to the doctor, but likelihood of death due to current Covid strains is extremely low. Considering the death risks indicated in this video in addition to the death risks due to clotting, only a fool would suggest anyone take the shot regardless of their age. And this doctor actually stated some people should take this shot.

  5. when you look into the list of ingredients,
    you shudder and wonder, what is this for
    and what is that for, unbelievable.
    you realize, that hardly one, knowing this
    content, would ever accept this measure.
    Point two is, there are some no violating
    measures to overcome this sarcov fine and alive.

  6. I work in Public Health and during the height of the pandemic I saw deaths in the 50-75 age brackets double.
    Double, as in increase by twice.
    During the height of the pandemic and since, I have seen zero increase in deaths due to Myocarditis.

    That two studies in two different parts of the world find positive results can be chalked up to selection bias, sampling errors or just a plain statistical fluke.
    A Doctor would know that.
    A Quack might not know that and certainly wouldn't care.

  7. The most essential question is why some have myocardial attacks, yet the vast majority do not. My aunt is 97, has had four covid shots and is doing fine. Why are so many millions of shot-takers doing just fine?

  8. So, I get it that myocarditis is a rare consequence of vaccination. But living as I do in a region where only half the population is vaccinated, we are hearing of 'more than usual' sudden deaths in the past three years, and enough of these were likely unvaccinated people that I worry about something else going on here other than simply vaccine reactions. It's facile to point at vaccines in these cases where no autopsy-verified cause of death was determined. We simply do not know. We should be saying: there is a phenomenon of sudden death happening in our communities for which the cause has yet to be determined. And no-one (I think) is out there looking for occult myocarditis in the population, so we have no clue as to how common/uncommon a phenomenon that is.

  9. The issue is, these concerns have been known for a long time and there has been no real investigation here in the states. In fact there has only been an ongoing push to continue vaccinating everyone. Cognitive dissonance would say that there is nothing nefarious about that. But one who recognizes that evil is real and has no fear in stating that these demons know exactly what they are doing, would say…….what I JUST said. You sir, have to be politically correct in order to prevent this platform from deleting this video. I’ve read between the lines and I appreciate you. Hopefully your viewers will realize, as a result of your video and my comments that we no longer live in a country that welcomes free speech and that we are in full on, in your face, spiritual warfare

  10. Ended up in ICU with pulmonary embolism despite lifelong great health. After months of tests doctors claim they don’t know why this happened to me. F them all.

  11. As "health care providers", doctors and nurses owe it to humanity to be those very special guinea pigs in the development of new drugs. I'm proposing new legislature that, if approved, will mandate all Health Professionals contract with drug providers as THE primary participants in all clinical trials.
    Given they possess the necessary medical knowledge to clearly express all symptoms they experience, it makes more sense that clinical trials be conducted on clinical professionals.

  12. There were so many doctors warning about the risk of myocarditis after taking these vaccines. Warnings short after MMRI vaccines were introduced, and we even lost some nurses in Norway to the AstraZ vaccines. Reading about these things made me choose not to get vaccinated, but I'm mid 40's and otherwise healthy. Others should of course weigh the risk/benefit according to their health profile. Myself being sick twice from Covid it wasn't a nice experience to say the least, but I'm still happy I didn't get vaccinated. I had prolonged heavy cardio excersizes shortly after both episodes with Covid, so I believe my heart is still strong and wihtout any defects.

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