Suicide: the true cost of lockdown

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Medically assisted suicide:

13 year old suicide:

Son suicide tweet:

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Woman suicide:

5 x children suicide:

1 in 10 Aussies:

Kids helpline:

Spikes in girls:

Not as much harm done:

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NSW/VIC studies:

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Unemployment and suicide:


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Written by Sydney Watson


  1. Finally some one is talking about this, Thank you!
    Also if you count years lost, as an old person dieing has not much years left anyway, yet a young or middle aged person has a wholeife ahead of them.
    Tho most polotisions are old people, so whst do you expect, and a lot of money to be made for some people of influence.
    I am so fustrated about the lies, and sheep people just follow the wolf in sheep skin.

  2. Let's face it – COVID is a shit show. If we don't lock down when shit hits the fan, people die. And if we do, unemployment rises, and suicide rates go up. It's a matter of public policy to find a balance between the two, because every action a government takes will have consequences. And in this regard, it is a numbers game.

    I don't have a strong opinion either way, because I don't think I have the information to make such judgement. Every death due to suicide is a tragedy, but so is every death from the coronavirus. Lockdowns are necessary when cases skyrocket, but there is a huge grey area when case counts fall.

  3. Thank you! Yes I believe that the lockdowns causes suicide. A co-worker of my wife, an executive with her company and working from home, stop answering calls and going internet meetings, so the police did a wellness check and indeed she had committed suicide.

  4. I am in charge of two pudding people. The lock down was hard for my oldest Pudding person. She floundered in virtual pre-k . I pulled her out. She now says she hates school and doesn't want to go to kindergarten. She was miserable being at home 24/7. She is a social butterfly. I am very angry about the whole thing. I fear the school will try and do that virtual crap again this year.

  5. I live in Alberta Canada my wife lost her job I lost my business that took me 17 year to build and now about to lose my house. Can not even get help on go fund me! But that's what they want for the great reset and population control.

  6. And the icing on the cake is the so called leader in VIC saying in an interview …i dont understand what they are protesting about…so far removed from any sense of reality or community..and all the while our nation suffers …people family friends suicide and lose bussinesses built up over many years with blood sweat and tears…while these "leaders"sit back and watch the devastastation with no remorse…

  7. All suicides in lockdown will be labelled as covid virus deaths not suicide go figure, we got to get use to problem 19 just like every other virus that has been around in the last 40 years, if everyone does the right thing by making sure they keep clean and when they cough or sneeze they do it into their arm then we might reduce reduce the virus spreading

  8. yeah, doom and gloom, drinking much more than I should, quick to argue, sometimes wish the world would just burn and remove this insane species. I wasn't tip top before the pandemic but certainly worse these days, I expect it's the same for most people- no one is perfect and lockdowns will only make things much worse.

  9. this video seems too biassed against lockdowns. blaming all suicides for lockdowns is not the way to go. what u need to do is calculate total deaths on a normal year, total deaths this year, deduct, it, then compare it with world covid deaths.

    To me, medical field, is all about comparing how many death saved versus deaths that happens. Same goes to transport, air travel. The safety of air travel, is built upon everyone who died in crashes. the safety of trains, where build on everyone who died in derailings. the safety of cars, was built upon everyone who crashed and burned and died in accidents. Likewise, the future of medicine, disease prevention, is built upon everyone who died taking the vaccine, or from lockdowns.

  10. They might care about the effects of lockdown on people but they're trying to make everybody miserable and ruin everything so they can save everyone with a new way and rescue us with socialism and communism.
    Or at the very least make everybody fully dependent on the government so they can dictate everything about our lives

  11. Sydney is totally right. All the restrictions and actions against Covid worldwide cost more lives, earnings and bankruptcies than Covid itself killed, or a few lives saved!
    Every life lost prematurely is sad, but this doesn't justify all those craziness!