SUNDAY RERUN: Fed Trial: Hillary Did It! Judicial Watch Defeats California Leftist Quota Scheme

Judicial Watch President @TomFitton discusses the latest in the Federal trial of Clinton Campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann. Plus, Judicial Watch’s victory against California corporate board gender quotas. Also, Tom Fitton discusses Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ending her discriminatory interview policy.

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Written by Judicial Watch


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  1. Great that we nail all these facts down…but there needs to be an order to pay back the American Taxpayers taxes in their use o need to actually be assessed these damages even if it wipes them out…or there is no consequence and further criminals taking advantage of government will continue to cheat the rights of the people. No need for decaptiation…maybe claening public toilets with chains on would be the personal punishment included.

  2. As a Californian, we are so thankful for JW lawyers and Tom Fitton.
    Don’t ever give up on California, America. So many conservative Christians here trying to save our beautiful state. 🙏❤️

  3. Judicial Watch does a great job, but the justice system is corrupt, the judge is corrupt, the jury is rigged, so until the the justice system, FBI, CIA is eliminated and over hauled and real patriots who care about the Constitution the law our freedoms we are screwed!

  4. Everyone in the judicial and DoJ is a crook! 100 plus million spent! Treason selling our nuclear material to Russia, falsifying documents and murder! Nothing is done!!

  5. All the treason, all the illegal shaningins, I'm perpetually shocked for the past few years, but Im beyond shocked at how many Americans could do so much anti American things after growing up and living in our great country.

  6. 16:49. The human race are all Jehovah God's creation, endowed by Him with certain inalienable rights, but they are not all His children. According to God's eternal, living word, born-again followers of Christ are the children of God.
    John 3:3
    Acts 20:21
    Romans 10:9-13
    Mark 1:15
    John 3:16

  7. The DC Jury is tainted and containing Hillar Clinton supporters. The chances of "them" coming back with a guilty verdict is very slim and NONE! Durham has taken way too long in bringing outlaws to justice. Two layers and a writer of dirt on minor stuff is all Durham has gotten in 3-years. A political scandal with no equal where mainstream media, tv late night programs, democrats, and most republicans have failed to step forward and speak out on political corruption. There are a handful of brave Republicans that stepped forward for the Rule-of-Law, the rest, nothing much at all to say on this political outrage! President Trump was made a crime victim before the 2016 election and after. For the duration of Trump's term, this lawless "Lynch Mob" of selected democrats and one or two RINO's tried like hell to impeach the President over nothing! How long can we remain a country when a political party, contaminated by radical communist, disobeys our laws to remove a sitting President they don't like? They do it with no repercussion for being lawless, therefore it just gets worse! The country is divided between Patriots and radical Americans and that division grows by the week to the point of no return.

  8. Has Judicial Watch delved into Hunter Biden's laptop? Joe's brother? The FBI acts like a ducks and quacks like a duck. An active henchman for the Democrats? The raids at dawn, the foot dragging and no answer to Congressional inquiry.

  9. Tom, I wish you were in Durham's place. You are a shining star. Thank you for your hard work, your tremendous accomplishments and your unwavering dedication to truth and justice.

  10. Our entire government is corrupt and at least complacent in a conspiracy to unseat a sitting U.S. President. Everyone of them needs to take a stand in support of Donald Trump. It seams to me to be Treason of the highest level. Every one involved needs to stand trial and if convicted at least spend the rest of their life in prison. Those at the top of the conspiracy shouldn't get off so easy. The obvious reason for it is the agenda for a tyrannical, China style, one world government and every one knows it.

  11. Goal: Via the education system, produce law abiding productive citizens.

    Problem: Money needed comes, in part, from State/Fed departments with other goals.

    Solution: Collect all taxes at city/county level. Send money up the chain only if necessary.

    Result: Education systems adjust their methods and goals to keep law abiding productive citizens in their district.

    Mr Fitton, since states collect the votes sent to DC,

    should states collect Fed tax and pay Feds to do only their constitutional job?

    In other words, is direct federal taxing unconstitutional?

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