Super Bowl Ratings TANK As The Establishment Fails, NO ONE Wants What They’re Selling Anymore

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia invite comedian and prolific podcaster Sam Tripoli to discuss the absolute CRASH of the Superbowl ratings.

Guest: Sam Tripoli @RoninSamTripoli (Twitter), Tin Foil Hat podcast, Union Of The Unwanted podcast, Broken Simulation podcast

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Personally, vtubers have been my primary form of entertainment for the past year. I have no subscriptions to any streaming or cable service and I honestly don’t miss any of it.

  2. For me the guy with the crazy voice and the glasses missed completly the point about the war going on right now im sorry. How many blacks or latin people voted for Trump is besides the point because the war going on is about the political system for example and not voters/unity per se. That means: You can win the election, you can win the majority but you still lose the war for the political system and that is exactly what happened and what brought "us" here with sleepy Joe in charge. Thats why people that say the world will not end just because Biden is president are dumb as f*ck because they forget what its really about (big picture).

  3. Because it's ridiculous! They were trying to politicize everything. It's definitely the internet making MSM and the entertainment industry obsolete. I think people are coming together. Asians, black people along with White people and Latinos love Trump.

  4. You see it as a failure in your title- you could see it as planned and a great success in that the powers that be are successfully managing to destroy another important part of US culture and something that traditionally the public have enjoyed and taken pride in. Obviously can't have that now. It's just another part of America that they've made toxic with the intention it get's destroyed and discarded with the intention that soon there will be nothing left of the US culture – just another part of the global worker hive.

  5. When they started talking a damn knee that did it for me. There’s just something about seeing men on their knees crying oppression while making 15-40 million a year that’s just not that appealing to me. No body watches sports to see political bs. They watch it to get away from politics.

  6. I don’t really think Joe won. Gotta stop saying things if you really don’t believe it. We can accept that he’s the President because The Trump administration didn’t attack this mass mail in voting thing early enough or the courts were in on it or whatever the case may be. That doesn’t mean that Joe won fair and square by getting the votes. Any honest person would agree that there’s to many things that just don’t add up. This coincides with what the guest is saying about he thinks there’s more unity than portrayed.

  7. We have been lied to our entire lives about what the constitution is and what the constitution does. The constitution does not prevent the government from doing anything. The government does everything the constitution says it cannot do. There are no punishments or repercussions for "public servants" whom violate the constitution. What the constitution actually does is provide the illusion of freedom but gives all of the power to the government to the detriment of the people, thus dividing the population into the government masters and the citizen slaves. Notice the right to property is not guaranteed by the constitution. Property rights have been abolished. A person whom cannot own property is property. This is reinforced by the income tax. A person whom is owned as property cannot own property because everything they are and everything they produce is owned by the owner of their body, which is big daddy government. Wake up people. We are all slaves.

  8. Well, too bad. Tell the customers long enough they are all “deplorable racists” and they stop spending money at your business.
    All those businesses will go down because of their woks idiocy. Not sorry for them.

  9. I know you won’t believe this…. but this is a insurgent communistic effort to pull down our country. And BIDEN DIDNT WIN because people hated Trump. They MANIPULATED the elections. PERIOD!

  10. I used to think national pride was stupid when I was a teen. Then I realized that's what keeps us alive. Because if we don't have pride in our culture then another one, that does have pride in their own culture, will take over us.

    Lefties think this way because they've lived in safety too long to remember other cultures are not as nice as ours.

  11. Part of the divide & conquer method is continuing to use terms like Conservative & Liberal and persuading people to think they're in one or the other camp. It's blatant nonsense. Any conversation where those words come up is a juvenile conversation that serves the divide & conquer authoritarians.

  12. Tim’s apples to apples comparisons are too simplistic. The tribes are acting on very different moral principles. The left is in the gutter and to compare a small faction of alt-right to the democrats apparatchik is wrong.

  13. I didn’t watch it because I knew Brady and the Bucs were going to win, and make “history”of playing at their home field in the Super Bowl. I don’t like Brady at all. I don’t think he is a good player. I think he pays off the refs to always give him an advantage. They coddle him like the big baby he is. If it was the Chiefs against any other team (except the Patriots. Hate them too) I would have watched it.

  14. I haven’t watched the Super Bowl or any other major league sports in years. I quit watching when they started becoming racist. I’m done. They can get their money from BLM and Antifa.
    Strange though that with COVID lockdown they pretty much had a captive audience and still had such low ratings.

  15. I have a theory that they killed Star Wars for the exact same reason that they killed Sports, it was an outlet that nobody really took seriously, the planet's largest game of cops and robbers with immediately recognizable sides and iconography that nobody really ever took seriously. It was a great way to burn off steam, work across multiple Hobbies, and attracted fun Seekers of all ages… So naturally it has to be destroyed.

  16. There has never been a unified culture in the US. The country is too damn big, you can have very different cultures between two neighboring states. Tim you gotta get this out of your system. Fear porn, despair selling and this idea we shouldn't be tribal. If people think you're a nazi because you aren't a leftist why would you even want to be apart of their tribe? Do your own shit.

  17. Dude 96 million people watched it’s by far the most viewed thing on TV in the US, the trend isn’t exclusive to the NFL either, MLB, NHL, NBA NASCAR ratings were all down pretty equally and not all of them went woke like the NBA so the correlation doesn’t exactly fit, personally I think the chiefs were getting blown out people don’t like blow outs, it’s boring, on top of that Tampa Bay is a shitty market for TV, FFS more people in Boston watched than in the TB Market, it’s not shocking they lost 4 million viewers over last year when it was a major market like San Francisco vs newly arrived super kid Mahomes and the chiefs… all that said streaming was up 5.7 million +65% over last year anyways so it’s all kind of a wash isn’t it?

  18. Part of the problem is that the NFL is behind the times. I cut the cord years ago. Which means if I want to watch a game I have to pay CBS or some other service to stream it. So, no thanks, NFL. I'm good.