Super Vax Weekend. Poor Man’s Brett Sutton. Roger Cook. Mark McGowan

Western Australian Health Minister Roger Cook, for so long the poor man’s Brett Sutton, has just outdone himself. If you want to live and be a part of modern Australia, you simply must attend his “Super Vax Weekend”. Think of it as a demented family day out.

Written by Danger Dan


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  1. I wouldn't get jabbed by choice, so now you've mandated it, I'll dig my heels in more. The lies and coercion by gov, msm won't convince me when I see the adverse events my family and friends experienced.

  2. "do you want to be one of those 250000 holding us back" I'm guessing there is currently a quite few more holding us back than they want. 250000 is a pretty good size population to start again, at least we'll know we all think alike.

  3. Jfk jnr said. I will expose the people that killed my father even if it means bringing gown the entire governmemt
    The sustralian gov is about to be exposed for its involvment in human trafficking and crimes against humanity
    2 prime ministers r involved
    Crimal actions have been handed to the courts but the refuse to do anything caurse australian judges r involved

    About time WA woke up to this shit.I agree if you have underlying health issues by all means get vaccinated,but you dont have to vaccinate the whole population.

  5. cook is the guy who over saw the death of a 7 year old girl in a state of the art hospital, and he and Mcgowan use words in a death report like 'sub optimal' to describe the hospital. But in May 2021 Cook said we in WA have the best hospitals in the country and Mcgowan spoke of 7 year old Aishwariya as a 'statistic' he and his minions time is up

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