SUPERCUT: Bombshell MI Hearing Highlights! | Louder With Crowder

Share with everyone you know! All of the highlights of Rudy’s December 2nd Michigan hearing with bombshell testimonies.

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“Eat My Butt”

Written by CrowderBits


  1. Rep C. A. Johnson is either nuts, or a complete corrupt liar, or both. These witnesses were great. Indian woman is intelligent and impressive.

  2. As a "woman from detroit" you should be ashamed of what the left has done to your once great city. Why do "people of color" defend Democrats so fiercely? They haven't done shit for them……EVER!!!

  3. The DNC held the country hostage with russia gate Ukrainegate etc etc etc to cover up corruption now they are holding the country hostage by our election pathetic

  4. How are you going to be a representative at a hearing and not know one of the most basic, common phrases of a court room: "under oath"? She wasn't just out of order, she's not even qualified to be at that hearing, even as an observer. She's clearly part of the fraud that's happening. The Chair should have thrown her out.

    Nothing but personal attacks from the Dishonest Dems. The Chair should have kicked her out after the second tantrum she threw. She is a mockery of our political system.

  5. This is horrible. I live in PA and 23 out of 25 positions went to republicans this year, it clearly seems strange the AG and president where the only positions that went democratic.

  6. The FBI needs to do a deep dive into this. If these individuals are found guilty the FBI needs to do a very public news conference. They need to let the country know this cant continue to happen.

  7. If you ever hear the phrase "As a woman", "As a black woman" , "As a person of Color" in any kind of political context, you can pretty much know for certain the following words will be completely devoid of evidence and outside the scope of reality.

  8. Why aren’t these deranged clowns making these claims in COURT under oath…. Just on TV and in fake hearings where they can lie with no consequences… Is this the best you can do Republicans…? Where’s the evidence…? These people’s claims are meaningless without proof… THESE PEOPLE AREN’T UNDER OATH… Say it in court…

  9. You do not see this in the mainstream media here in the UK ??.
    Why are we not seeing these witnesses/hearings in the News?
    Thank God for websites like this. Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated

  10. the Lady calls for People to be under oath, then multiple times has no understand of her rants being out of order. people like this are frauds, and get elected with fraudulent claims, against their opponent during their campaigns. I have seen this too many times over the years. She is Flashy, arrogant, mouthy show no respect, but demands respect because of her color and gender.

  11. Few things for the leftist morons I see wandering around in the comment section crying like little children.

    1. No one was under oath because this is not a court hearing. It was something of an information hearing. They use this to decide IF there is enough to continue with an actual court hearing.
    2. Your race and gender don't afford you the option to NOT FOLLOW THE RULES!! She was out of line and she knew it.
    3. Screaming and yelling HE'S LYING!! Won't change the information being heard. It will just make an " Adult black women" look like an angry child throwing a temper tantrum.

    Stop complaining all together. Your precious Joe Biden is still going to sit in the oval office. Just don't come crying to any of us when the changes you are all hoping for under this nearly dead president, don't come to pass. I just know, for now at least, I am happy I still have the right to own my weapons and firearms, because a civil war is coming, I know it, most people know it, and I will be damned if I let it come to my front door without defending my family and property. Also thank god Trump is planning to run in 2024, at least he can try to clean the mess Joe and Kamala will leave behind….

  12. You can see how is a Democrat here, they are attacking the peoples Integrity and not the facts of the fraud that is taking place right in front of them.

  13. What helps in these depositions much more, is if they can find an adult woman that doesn't speak like a 13yr old. That aside, these statements need to get traction… I'm extremely alarmed that the FBI isn't hauling people out in cuffs. We are officially now a Banana Republic, 3rd World Nation.