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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


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  1. Bi-Ble = 2 Bull 🐂. It's a book worshipping Baal and Moloch. Moloch is the Annunaki named Enki, Ki is Chi. Where's the home of the Chi-cago Bulls? I think Enki lives in Lake Michigan.

    I figured out why the war in Ukraine is Happening, a certain sickness, vaccines to. The people in charge are culling the population for Enlil. This happened before with the Deluge.
    "ENLIL, THE KING OF THE GODS, IS ESPECIALLY ANNOYED BY THE CONSTANT DISTURBANCE FROM BELOW & SO DECIDES TO LESSEN THE POPULATION BY SENDING DROUGHT, PESTILENCE & FAMINE DOWN UPON THE EARTH. After each of these plagues, the humans appeal to the god who first conceived of them, Enki, and he tells them what to do to end their suffering and return the earth to a natural, productive state. Enlil, finally, can stand no more and persuades the other gods to join him in sending a devastating flood to earth which will completely wipe out the human beings.

    Enki takes pity on his servant, the kind and wise Atrahasis, and warns him of the coming flood, telling him to build an ark and to seal two of every kind of animal within. Atrahasis does as he is commanded and the deluge begins."

    We're in a computer simulation called TARTARUS. Olympians (Lucifer) has us trapped in his matrix. We are (Titans) And were born into Sin just as Sin was born into Lucifer. Everything we know is a lie and we are a product,, built in generations just like phones. We are being grown because each of us is a Chronometer because we collapse the light wave function, together we'll form a Chronoton (a theoretical particle of time) . This is the purpose of the simulation I believe.

    Each of the planets is an Angel, 9 planets,, 9 gates,, now throw in the past present and future and you have 27 planets, mirror it and you get 72. We are in the mirror world of the 72 Djinn or Demons or Daemon's (background computer programs). This Mirror world we are very very small, we are currently smaller than an Atom and our minds eye is actually a microscopic black hole with a size of 2 Plank lengths. There's also 3 suns since the past present and future exist at the same time. The 3 Suns are Sal, Sol and Sel. We are being projected from 11 dimensions compacted into two from a Cell or Sel, the future sun.

  2. It is so weird that you mention the cartoon like mannerisms some are displaying, bc I noticed it just yesterday. I thought it must be some kind of filter, bc it was so unusual and also bc it bothered my eyes to watch it. It reminded me of the way pulsed light or flashing graphics affect some people's neurological function. Cheers!

  3. Thanx for uploading on this platform still, props.. hopefully your the last to leave ……in regards to that poor woman men can't really become woman scientifically but I think women can become men scientifically….somehow she is insane don't y'all think a demon would do something like that imagine her proudly showing her parents with that look what you made me do vibe….there is no emoji for this🤮😱…you think they would've got rid of comment sections instead of actual opinions

  4. Ed from NZ talking horses about current apocalypse now in progress will become Jason resa jorjani Prometheus arising Socrates embracing Oracle of Delphi and May be put to death accused by established New World order same as Old World order Sargon of akad Hebrews Abraham creepy Jo bidon same as Julian Assange for reporting collateral murder Iraq isreali Rothschild zionist rules Earth temporarily

  5. I donated $5 to Wikipedia a few years ago. I want my money back with interest. I'm serious. They worded the ask as if they were about to go out of business, and I wasn't aware just how far gone they were. But it was an obvious lie, I see now.

  6. A profound thought I just had in regards to wishing Ill intent on people even if justified ….just say you picture someone in hell ….to be able to witness this that implies you are in hell watching, why would anyone do that to themselves…what you think or affirm actually becomes reality manifested through intent…

  7. The alex jones thing is so insane people are allowed to think what ever they want right or wrong and how are they determining monetary damage how was anyone financially damaged

  8. Whoever that mia is…. Bottom of the list says stop killing Pal’s, ok cool but I’m pretty sure they are getting 🪓 is because they keep lobbing missiles at their neighbors. I don’t know, it’s just what I’ve observed in the few decades I have been watching the news. Maybe get less violent religion or something. Like Christianity or…. Never mind just Christianity

  9. The conservatives are doing such a good job getting the liberals to sterilize themselves and their children. It's so funny how people think that the liberals and the Democrats are in charge. So I hope this keeps up at a record pace meaning will have many more conservative born children as the years go on.

  10. alex jones is CIA so… i get 'he didnt harm anyone'
    the manipulation is complex.. and it isn't logical; it's shock factor
    Edit: US news "Jan 6, Alex Jones, Jan 6, covid covid, bs, nonsense, Jan 6, Alex Jones"
    Demoralization. they're poking people, nonstop and like.. only God sets you free; pray

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