Supreme Court Justice Spreads COVID Misinformation About Basic Facts

Sitting Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor spread basic misinformation during a recent SCOTUS session about the prevalence and hospitalization of children due to COVID

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the sad state of affairs when a sitting Supreme Court Justice can be so sadly misinformed about such a critical issue.

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  1. When a health care system is ran purely for the $$$, then life becomes cheap as profits rise.
    Hospitals get incentives to declare Covid, plus more incentives to admit a patient, then if they go on a ventilator even More $$$. And if you die "with" Covid but really from a gun shot, cancer, diabetes, drug overdose etc…you still are registered as a Covid death and get More $$$ for that too.
    Sounds like a bureaucratic boondoggle to me. Maybe that's why the BBB Plan was so expensive?🤔

  2. Jimmy your Leftist credentials are at risk of being pulled for agreeing with Tom Fetton. Mr. Fetton is the head of "Judicial Watch" and a leading thorn in the side of liberal thinkers and Deep State bureaucrats.

  3. Criminally un-nuanced because it makes the numbers look humongous. Completely unscientific to not distinguish the differences. Makes the court look stupid, biased, captured, and unable to make legal rulings steeped in scientific fact. By extension, it also makes the hospitals look stupid as if THEY don't know the difference between someone with one ailment or simultaneous ailments. In other areas, however, they are able to maintain their nuance, especially when it comes to their hostility and character assassination of the unvaccinated, although the vaccinated are quite possibly equivalent carriers (or possibly worse).

  4. She is criminally negligent. The responsibility of her position is to be reasonably informed in order to make decisions regarding the legality of the filing infront of her. She has an entire staff including paralegals and other licensed law individuals at her disposal to make sure she is capable of reasonable ruling. The fact that she is that misinformed is deserving of questioning her ability to fulfill her place in the Supreme Court.

  5. Statistics are none of her business. She is to consider whether the mandate is Constitutional or not. Not if it's a smart idea, not if it will save America, only the legality of it.

  6. if a woman has the right of choice to electively have abortions, it's a double standard to take away all Americans right of choice away because of the flu? no choice for women or Americans, or just have all women get abortions so no future children get the flu – it makes sense to AOC who is fully vacked & tested positive for the flu

  7. I don't just have this reaction in this situation
    I also won't purchase a car from a sweaty palmed used car salesman that is trying to rush me into a shady deal that I distrust him on
    Especially if I wasn't shopping for a car in the first place

  8. No surprise here.. so many people are so misinformed about global events because of media organizations that they believe the things that are literally almost the exact opposite of the truth. And because they're such pigs they don't take the 5 seconds it would take to realize they're wrong. No people from the middle east aren't terrorists just because our insane military attacks them constantly. No vaccines don't help more than the immune system for young, health people. Its almost like people believe PAID PROGRAMMING is absolute truth.. idiots all of them. And this is why I'll have no sympathy for the ones that get taken advantage of by the system.. because they would do it to another… f them.. its karma

  9. The supreme court is run by the globalists. They gave Biden and GW the presidency against the wishes of the American people. Also, when shopping for a car remember it was Chevrolet who built all the respirators that are being used to kill people. Just sayin

  10. When dumbasses like TYT, Seder, Kyle etc etc.. can't stop shitting on JD, he's out there reporting on the real f**king issues. If only the US could have politicians with half the integrity of Jimmy ……never goin' to happen 'cause the sheep keep voting the same greedy lying assholes in year after year. The whole system is corrupt but has got a whole lot worse with this BS pandemic. So sorry for the kids of today and tomorrow who will NEVER experience the freedom we enjoyed!!

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