Supreme Court Justice supports CRT and Nonces

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  1. Every word that comes out of this Woman's mouth is a carefully constructed fabrication…….. it's all buzzword bingo of the highest bullshittery………… If you truly heard what this Woman thinks, I can guarantee you would be shocked. There is no way on Earth she can be impartial and fair with the beliefs that she obviously harbours.

  2. We need to start referring to CRT differently if they're just going to keep referring to the academic theory in law school. We need to be very specific about what we mean about "CRT being taught in schools" otherwise they'll just keep deflecting.

  3. I will make you a deal.
    You can bring this noncery into schools when you let the kids bring pistols into school to defend themselves.
    They will be trained in firearms at the same level as this school grooming is.

  4. "I do not believe that any child should be made to feel as though they are racist, not value, less than …"
    …. does she want them to feel that way on their own

  5. It is true though, there is a disproportionate amount of black people in adverts in the UK now. They are only about 3.5% of the population (much of it new) and yet seem to be in at least 3/4 of the adverts. You'd think there'd be more Pakistanis, Indians and other British "Asians" considering they make up a larger portion of the population. And that the vast majority of adverts would have white people, especially in places like Scotland where its still 93-94% white.

  6. It's a sad state of affairs when we no longer have broad consensus that child predators deserve the harshest punishment under the law. This is the sort of weakness that leads people to justify vigilante justice. If someone did that to my kids, and the perp got a slap on the wrist, I would go full-on Punisher mode and to hell with the consequences.

  7. I wonder how this would go if I used these tactics the next time I'm up for a job interview as a teacher:

    "This is something controversial being done in other classrooms. Do you think it is a good method for helping students learn the material?"
    "Sorry, but those are ongoing methods being taught in schools so I don't want to give my opinion on them."

    "We were wondering how you would handle this particular scenario if it were to arise in your classroom."
    "I'm sorry, but I won't attest to hypotheticals."

    "Here are several cases where you left students in your classes in a state of depression to the point that they internally gave up or rampaged. Do you regret those days?"
    "I regret that you are focusing on just that subset of my lessons"

    Maybe if I was a black woman and Biden was the principal, it would work out.

  8. The left's go to defence for teaching CRT is that its only taught at uni. WRONG. The ridiculous anti racist baby book wasn't made for uni students and IS being used to teach tiny children this communist rubbish.

  9. I know ppl think its a conspiracy theory that freemasons are the disposable "coal miners" if you will, that make the agenda of the globalist elit a reality but she has a strong steanch of freemason.

  10. "Can you define woman?"
    "No, not in this context."
    What context does she think she's being asked to describe a woman within? There is only one context…the context of the English language. What a dumpster fire.

  11. Dems: "She wasn't selected by just being Diverse"
    Also Dems: "Isn't it amazing how diverse you are im so happy"
    Republicans: Ask questions about previous rulings and experience and qualifications
    Dems: How dare the Republicans attack her in these Racist Attacks, asking her if she's qualified

  12. And this judge is 'university educated'?
    And she shows favouritism to Paedophiles in their sentencing?
    What exactly is her qualifications for appointment to the Supreme Court of the US?
    Jackson should be rejected as a new justice as she has shown a bias to give leniency towards Paedophiles who prey on the most vulnerable in society, she should not be let anywhere near SCOTUS as she is predisposed to changing the law to favour of Paedophiles. The sentences that she handed down to Paedophiles in her court are a matter of public record.

  13. I worked on a case in which this one guy was downloading CP out of a file sharing software. He didn't produce the content, meaning he didn't actually physically abuse any child, but he did have a 5 gig video with group sex and all other kind of nasty stuff being done to young girls.

    At no moment did he admit to doing anything wrong. In his mind it was ok because he didn't abuse anyone, and the fact he downloaded those videos was a non issue for him.

    Whenever you see a case like this, notice one thing: how the predator always tries to makes excuses to distance himself (at least psychologically) of any sense of wrongdoing and personal responsibility. The complete denial of responbility is the hallmark of any predator/abuser.

    What this judge was doing was validating the feeling that the abuser has basically no responsibility and is only being punished cause there's a law demanding it. It really is no surprise that groups that advocate having sex with children have gotten so much more bold lately.

  14. If she believes in critical race theory and gender self~declaration then she should have the guts to stand by her beliefs. But the elite know that these ideas lack logic, common sense, and don't play well with public

  15. Can you provide a definition for the word woman?
    No! I’m not a biologist!

    That’s like saying you can’t provide the definition of the word aircraft because you’re not a pilot. 🤔. Yea sure she’s qualified.
    Surely she recognises she is a diversity hire. Her president said it will be a black WOMAN. Surely she wanted to look her description😂.

  16. Where the fook do they find these nuggets???? Honestly, these are meant to be the bet of the best that get to the SCOTUS…. the track record over the last 10 years is hardly glittering….

  17. This woman is not just a left leaning judge, she is a radical activist who has a record of judicial rulings based on her personal views vs the law and written judicial guidance. Many of her decisions have been overturned by higher level courts. Someone with a history of "getting it wrong", should NOT be promoted to a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land.

  18. she does not really believe it, that's why she will not make a good supreme court justice. the supreme court is the final legal judgment, it's designed to set precedent based on the natural rights and the constitution, yet recently we have a weak supreme court that does not want to make a judgment call. you have two sides to a issue A or B, some would benefit if A were true some would benefit if B was true. all of society is on hold till this issue is resolved, the supreme court is the final stop after all other systems have been gone threw. when the supreme court does not make a choice then the issue has to go back threw the whole system, and can not move. the DC elites don't care about the things we do, but this is the real way to get them to not pick her is she will not decide when something they care about needs to be decided one way or another, because she has no guiding principles, if she believes pedos/map were not a bad thing then she would stand by he judgments with confidence, if she was a technology extremest believing tech can not be hampered by any moral laws then she would stand by he judgments with confidence, if she was a free speech extremest that images are speech and all speech can not do harm it's only the actions that harm, then she would stand by he judgments with confidence. but instead she cowers at having to talk about the shameful thing she believes is wrong. as a fanatic I have no sympathy for her. by having no constant platform she is a unpredictable wild card that will shift with the wind, and break every deal as it helps her in the moment.

  19. She's trying to be clever .. What you need to ask is a question in an extremely specific manner, because she's thinking in "Law" .. "Using the US English dictionary. Can you explain the definition of the word: Woman ?"
    Then you'll have to pick apart how she'll sidestep again on the use of English. So you can pull her down on why she should be a SCJ in a country whose law relies upon that specific dictionary.

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