Supreme Court Rules AGAINST Churches, Conservatives OUtraged As John Roberts Joins Left

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  1. 'strike for black lives'
    i hope they get fired, someone else could really use their job, AND APPRECIATE IT, in this atmosphere.

  2. I haven’t heard of a single place of Muslim worship being shut down or their leaders having been arrested, this is an attack on Americans morals and beliefs. Democrats are trying to tear down the spirit of conservatives, get pissed not depressed.

  3. Probably shouldn't say it online but, clearly the 3rd horsemen in action, and we are witnessing the 5th seal. Anti-Christian behaviors are consistent with the times. Witches, demons, and other anti-christian beliefs are promoted to encourage chaos. You can't create riots, and chaos with churches telling people to "Love thy neighbor," and "Peace be still."

  4. The Supreme Court Judges should be removed from office. At the moment, they have a lifetime term with "good behavior," but the Court has at best infrequently maintained good behavior, in the sense of conducting themselves in accordance with the Constitution. Also, while we're at it, term limits on Justices, as well as everyone else. The Ginsberg situation is just elder abuse, and if we had term limits that lined up with election years (maybe even longer terms, 12 years, 16, or so), but these hold on types who should be gone need to be gone. In part for our sanity, but also in part so that when someone like myself says "I can't wait for Judge X's term to expire," we're not called horrible people for waiting for their death, as their expiration of term expires with them barring retirement.

  5. this is treason. all armed citizens should march on the supreme court and demand that they let us exercise our 1st amendment rights or else, the tree of liberty will be watered.

  6. Tim: If the right to assemble could not be infringed upon, then the states could never impose any form of lock down, sans martial law.

    Now maybe that is a correct way to read the constitution,, but I suspect we have already decided that public safety issues shall be deemed dominant. That, of course, means we need to clearly define what situations involve public safety. i.e. What conditions create an actual public safety problem. This is more or less unknown, since any governor can pretty much decide which parameters and parameter values indicate a public risk. I think the court pretty much figures the governors should have a lot of latitude here since it is almost impossible to actually define such standards in a generalized way.that can cover all similar situations.

  7. People seem to forget that you don't need a church/temple/mosque/synagogue to practice religion/spirituality/etc. Unless it's all about the cult aspect of religion where you need someone to tell you what to believe or how to worship. Or perhaps in the words of George Carlin, you go there to compare clothing. The whole "you can't worship" stance is fake news.

  8. I'm confused….why are there over 14,000 likes ….
    UN Agenda 21…..moving along…divide the people…riots,chaos..destroy the church….close the schools..(they wont open) …get rid of cash….etc.etc. We need action!!

  9. Court does not have the right to change the bill of rights or the constitution.
    Roberts has never been on the right side.

  10. As far as I'm concerned, if a law or mandate violates your rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, that law is illegal and to be actively and openly DEFIED. Unfortunately, so many in the faith have lost that edge these days. Almost 2000 years ago, people were willing to risk being forced into a cage match against a lion in order to practice their religion.

    I've seen lefty morons saying that the Constitution wasn't written with a pandemic in mind. Really? Really. You think this is something new? You think this is something Earth shatteringly overwhelming?! Oh, you poor, poorly educated, liberal simpletons. LONG before the Constitution was written, there was an event called The Black Plague which wiped out nearly half of all mankind. Most forefathers were HIGHLY educated god fearing men. They knew that it would be insane to think disease could not possibly ever again wreck havoc across the Earth. And yet the Constitution has no small print stating that "inalienable rights are subject to government mandates in the event of a global disaster". ? Nowhere. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. These are rights people DIED FOR, and for which people should be willing to DIE in order to retain in the same active state, always. What we're experiencing is nothing short of the tyranny against which our founding fathers decreed we must FIGHT. Not passively sit idly by waiting for politicians and courts to defend, or wait for elections in order to vote out the offending politicians. We are OBLIGATED under the Constitution to literally FIGHT and OUST such politicians! The cost of our freedom is eternal vigilance. Vigilance is the state of awareness and readiness to bring an absolute stop to any attempt to threaten. Forget BLM. WE should be the ones up in arms! But we just sit at our desks, lie in our beds, laze on our couches, and wait for it to stop. It's on US, ladies and gentlemen. And the left is working overtime to ensure that we lazy, idle pacifists are the ONLY ones in a position to fight for our rights. And if they were to pass "common sense gun laws", we would all have to first become criminals before we could uphold our responsibilities. The moment is here. The police are being overrun. The courts are corrupt. Our elections are compromised. Insurrection against tyrannical leftist state leadership is the only option they're leaving us, and they're doubling down on our placidity.

  11. Full text of Justice Gorsuch dissent.

    "This is a simple case. Under the Governor's edict, a IO- screen "multiplex" may host 500 moviegoers at any time. A
    casino, too, may cater to hundreds at once, with perhaps six people huddled at each craps table here and a similar number gathered around every roulette wheel there. Large numbers and close quarters are fine in such places. But churches, synagogues, and mosques are banned fmm admitting more than 50 worshippers – no matter how large the building, how distant the individuals, how many wear
    face masks, no matter the precautions at all. In Nevada, it
    seems, it is better to be in entertainment than religion.
    Maybe that is nothing new. But the First Amendment prohibits such obvious discrimination against the exercise of
    religion. The world we inhabit today, with a pandemic upon
    us, poses unusual challenges. But there is no world in
    which the constitution permits Nevada to favor Caesar's
    Palace over Calvary Chapel."

  12. This is completely dlsgusting. What the heII is thls country becoming.?? We have the left supportlng terrorlsts and selectively allowing ppls Constitutional rlghts depending on if thier activities support thier ideology..and than the supreme court siding with thls nonsense..I'm beyond furlous..lf l ran thls church l would pack the house and completely lgnore thls unlawful , unconstitutionaI horseshlt..l swear on everything l Iove these ppI are awakenlng a sIeeping glant..and they are not gonna Iike what comes next..good ppI hard working Americans that have busted thier ass thier whoIe Iives to try'n make something of themselves are havlng their lively hoods destroyed and are being completely dlsrespected by the woke pIague sweeplng the country..ppI are on the edge ready to expIode…these plI have no ldea ..

  13. This has always been about extinguishing Christianity so that evil spirits are no longer repelled from fully manifesting.

    God cast Satan and many other angels to hell. On their way to hell Satan and the other fallen angels are passing through earth to take as many humans with them as possible. As Satan and the fallen angels pass through earth they present themselves as orbs in the sky. Humans built megalithic temples, crop formations, stone-glyphs to attract these orbs. The fallen angels (orbs) ‘breed’ with women to create nephilim. The disembodied spirits of nephilim are known as demons (shadow people, incubus, sucubus,,). The nephilim were created to destroy the Israelites in order to prevent their bloodline from birthing our savior Christ Jesus as God promised long before (search Living Waters Ministry ‘Good Person Test’). God flooded the earth and used an army of Israelites to decimate the nephilim tribes. Satanist in elite positions of power are communing with fallen angels to create another generation of neo-nephilim of which they plan to develop technology for in order to present them as aliens from another world.

  14. 1:20 That is all they have, Tim…..those types LOVE to accuse people of anything and everything when they have no logical counter to a person's position or statement.
    I say when they post such, people should post n-p-c memes and the like in response and nothing else….eventually that will cause them to move on.
    (don't bother countering with logic as they will cast anything you say aside and continue as before in their replies to you)

    2:14 Ignore any new edict that goes against the constitution, of course. If enough people do so then such edicts are essentially de-fanged. Things like mask edicts, businesses forced to stay closed, etc wouldn't be enforceable if enough ignored them.

    5:05 D*ck Bowel(movement)
    Also he fails to see(or ignores) that those other venues don't have similar first amendment protections in most cases.

    9:23 Still pushing that "mostly peaceful" narrative, CNN? But of course you are.

  15. Imo Justices should leave their leanings at the door and do their best to interpret things brought before them as neutrally as possible

  16. Anyone else wondering if some(leftist officials and MSM) want people to gather in these crowds so more will get sick so they can keep the covid fear going strong?

  17. They don't understand. We truly have the power. Not the government, not the leftists, not Antifa. All we have to do is decide and this all ends