Supreme Court THROWS OUT Democrat Redistricting Map Ahead Of 2022! This Is A BIG WIN!


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  1. They'll try anything to steal an election, they did it already and now they're so full of themselves they need to do it all the time, they probably done this before, but the 2020 election was clearly stolen

  2. If the will of the people ment anything anymore joe biden wouldent be the president right now. But the demacrat corruption is to deep its time to water the tree of freedom once more.

  3. Democrats have become a real piece of shit today. They are totally not on your side, but they do like your money in their pockets. And to all that democrats tell you to suck it up.

  4. In California both sides redrew districts when they had the power. Until Democrats became the only ones with the power. I would hear each say they wouldn’t do that and then think Wtf? when I saw the latest “art work”. Can you imagine what cities or school districts would be like if they snaked around like that?
    One way to mess with them is not to be registered with either Party. I am an independent.

  5. The voting laws they “passed” were deemed illegal essentially saying that whole election was BS anyway you look at it. They’re trying it again now

  6. Democrats have to cheat to win like they always have. I don't believe they ever won a legitimate election with very few obvious exceptions. We can.all agree that Joe Biden cheated and that he is a satanic pedo

  7. The only way you can have secure and fair elections is FOR VOTER ID to be used. You must show ID and BE A CITIZEN. If you are not for that then you are not for a free and fair election. You are for a broken system that allows people to vote as many times as they wish, the dead vote, etc.

  8. The fact a Rino judge wanted to redistrict this way (he has more than shown his true colors) and it was the supreme court that rejected it should show just how insane Tired Tony and the Democrats are

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