Supreme Cuckoldry: A Rant

The Supreme Court: Where ‘split decision’ means splitting the constitution in half.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. There a joke, and Its kinda pathetic seeing people think supreme court is gonna help Trump, sorry but even the what 3 so called"conservatives" on the court…..are about as"conservative" as a liberal in the year 1995 was…..and also yeah stop fucking voting or hiring women in Politics period its terrible for both the country and them!.And thats actually respecting women.

  2. I'm glad Coney apparently has faith and actually had her children instead of murdering them like Leftists/feminist's trash do, but Trump selecting her period was just a different type of pandering, sure knowone panders like the deranged grabbley Left, but still thats what that is, Women have no business being in courts or supreme courts or Government/Politics. And that's not even the biggest issue, what's even more relevant is that the few so called men on said court as the video says are neutered conviction less cowards anyways. There is no actual"conservative" on that court.

  3. Democrats: Republicans are evil
    Republicans: Democrats are evil
    Republicrats (politicians): Good, good. They don't expect a thing.

  4. John Roberts had a seat on the flight to Espstein Island. . .and then a 14 year old girl had a ride on John Roberts.
    John Roberts was on the published visitors list for Epstein's girl shop.

  5. I love how the one of the laws you think was unfairly struck down was just a law introduced in the last moments of the election process that would incidentally disenfranchise many when they had fucking years to pass it. And evidence of justices not considering the law? A rumor that someone may have heard one of the justices mention riots, but say nothing else of the conversation. The shit smells to manipulated, it might as well be modern art.

    Just admit it: you're ass-mad about the election.

  6. Republics are only as good as their institutions, and those institutions are only as good as the people who man them. Who's watching the watchers in America's highest echelons. You guys are fucked. (But us Canuckistanis are fucked even worse, so cheers)

  7. do you all realize , outside of this little bubble of people who say the same crazy shit you all day every day self reinforcing each others bizarre reality, the rest of the world thinks your bat shit insane or terminally stupid to the point of self destruction