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What is the “International Law” that the West is holding Putin accountable to but not themselves?
#War #HillaryClinton #TonyBlair #Ukraine #Russia


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Here's the truth: Anytime you hear "Democracy" from someone in the political establishment framed in a positive manner, what they REALLY mean is US IN POWER.
    Nobody actually wants Democracy. If you doubt this just consider how folks would react if their "nightmare candidate" won in a free & fair election.

  2. I have loved Russell since forever. He’s always been an honest man and brilliant comedian. Him and Noel Fielding together are brilliant. They never cared what they said. He’s always fought for what he believes in. How he talks about serious situations and then makes you laugh just lightens up all this horror going on in the world today. Keep it up Russell.

  3. That's rich coming from Bush. Go back and translate Bush junior's speeches when he was president of the US into German.
    You'll find what he was saying back then, was often very similar to what Hitler would say in German. FUNNY THAT. ?!
    keep up the great work Russell !

  4. If these corrupt politicians want war, put them in a MMA cage and let them fight it out. But they don’t, the chicken hawks send young men off to die all for their greed.

  5. We need more people like Russel in powerful positions in governments around the world to stop and/or shine a light on the constant hypocrisy of the corporate/government powers doing whatever they want where ever they want. Then blaming other less powerful criminal government powers for doing the same things or less horrible crimes even, in an obvious distraction technique to shift the focus from there own illegal and immoral activities usually driven by the attempt to gain more control, power or increasing profit margins at any cost.

  6. Highly educated? Highly experienced? It fascinates me that all this discourse goes on behind closed doors and the public, who basically keep their countries afloat with enterprises and taxes, have no say in the matters at hand

  7. It may be, that there is as much war going on in Ukraine, as made out to be. Someone at the beginning of march went to Ukraine thru' Poland. He saw a lockdown with a Refugee Movie in the making. Saw a video, where there was a line of strollers to show kids killed by Russia. In the background where people in the streets, seemly unaware of a war going on. Ukraine has a TV actor & producer running the country. Filled his administration with film people from his Studio.

  8. They say Russell Brand has started a cult and I started imagining what it would be like and how the compound would look and I thought….I'm on way . I won't bring much . I'll need to buy hippie clothes along the way somewhere and find my cat a zanax for the car ride. Who wouldn't want to live on RB cult compound?

  9. Completely off topic but thought I'd mention it, Julian asange, that one isn't really being mentioned though it probably should, 'Julian Assange wins right to take extradition case to UK's top court'

  10. What is happening has all been scripted long ago.
    Imagine you belong to a group who manipulate everything that occurs in the world.
    Imagine that you are given a script that lays out all the wars and conflicts and plagues that are going to be made to make happen in the next 20 years.
    Imagine how you could invest your money knowing what’s going to happen to the world for the next 20 years.
    This is why the elites will always be the elites. They have scripted everything that is happening in the world
    They know it because they wrote it.
    Wake up.
    Things do not happen organically as we are led to believe.
    Once you see the world as being scripted by the elites it all makes sense.
    If you remain believing things are organic you will continue to be confused as to why the people in power make such stupid decisions.

  11. The Global Autocrat is the US Government. US #Donors dictates everything: sanctions, military invasions, covid, gain function research, country debt, hungry, salaries, and debt. And more recently the US #Donors have dictate WORLDWIDE the #BigCensorship against #freedomofSpeech , against #FreedomOfInformation not just what #Donors want to indoctrinate worldwide with their rhetoric and sanctions.

    NATO have made the 92% of all Military Invasion, all against Sovereign countries. Biden administration simply burned Ukraine and run away, but making $Military Contract and relieve stress on inflation.
    Donors are the 0.1% richest with 90% of US richness.

    Putin knows that NATO runs anti democratically with the authoritarianism of the USA, that's why nobody like Donald J. Trump in the NATO because to become democratically (possibly you still ignore) the members must be representative paying the same fee, but the USA pays the 90% of their expend, same happen with the #UN an extension of the US Congress.

  12. Is it not ironic that when Vladimir had spoken to the Middle East about trading oil in euros instead of the US dollar, the USA come marching in in the name of peace to take out nuclear weapons that has now been proven to be a lie. Hilary on camera confirming just that. Leave a whole nation in complete devastation and saying OH well we shouldn’t have been there anyway, everyone knows we lied to intervene to protect to US dollar, we’ll just go now yeah. Is it not crazy that polosi and Bidens sons are on the same board to the same natural gas company in Ukraine 🤔 it’s almost like theres a group of people who were trying to establish themselves in the natural gas sector to protect and keep oil trading in US dollars and not euros, gold, rp (major corruption). Is it also not weird that this all started in 2020 when Vladimir stated he will be changing the currency of his oil and natural gas ? That’s when the real push for the Ukraine to join nato started to happen ?

  13. Every time Russell speaks he is the best voice on the internet but times like today, this is RB at his utmost, spot-on, brilliant, best! Thank you for being you RB. 🇺🇸❤️🇬🇧

  14. Hey Russell, there is a fella named Gonzalo Lira with a channel on YouTube. He is in the middle of the war zone reporting daily. If you haven't checked him out yet you should. I think you might find him interesting. Cheers

  15. The bushes Biden Clintons Obama have sold our country out and the American people they should all be hung for treason they are destroying everything that America stands for to put us in bondage and take away our freedom

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