Surprising Ways How Life Is Adapting To Plastics On Planet Earth

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about interesting ways life found to adapt to the life of plastics on Earth

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Written by Anton Petrov


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  1. What would be scary is if we started using the microplastics in ourselves and we stopped aging at certain points when we've accumulated so much plastic and basically become living pieces of plastic it nice to be plastic it's fantastic

  2. I think it was the original RingWorld story that had the cause of the collapse of the civilization that built the RingWorld to bacteria that mutated to eat plastic, specifically, insulation on wires.

  3. Neat. A few thoughts.
    1) with the invasive species, as we attempt to clean up these patches we will also help spread those species.
    2) so we are seeing evolution happening in real time.
    3) there is a hell of a lot more than micro plastics on Everest…sadly

  4. Maybe we should leave it alone, but stop making them? Floating life rafts as a new ecosystem could be a new way to help deliver nutrients to areas of the ocean that need but have none.

  5. Plastics degrade… Ultraviolet light being the most obvious source of degradation. Military armors made out of high density plastics have shelf life because of environmental degradation.

  6. Maybe it's always been there and with technology we are just now descovering that it's there.. Or we are just kidding ourselves and destroying the world and killing ourselves.. Like cocroches in a rad bomb..

  7. As they say nature finds a way. It's nice to see the natural order of things at work, when something is out of balance it moves toward balance. Plastics though artificially generated is now home to many migrating colonies of life. In the grand time scale, it will return to sediment and become oil again likely. I wonder if such floating islands formed by pumice stone from erupting sea volcanos in the early epochs of earth's history resulted in a similar thing.

  8. Great presentation! I'll be really interested to see any followup on plastics and micro-plastics in the environment. I heard someone say once: The Chicxulub impact created the iridium layer; 10 million years from now there will be a plasticine layer.

  9. This can’t be!!! I must believe the world is ending!!! Stop!!! I must believe the whole world is doomed!! Stop eating meat, turn off your AC!! Eat grass!!! I must believe the world is ending, I must believe the world is ending, I must believe the world is ending!!!! Put diapers on your cows, tax me by the mile!

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