Surprising! Women Openly Talk About Female Privilege

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Written by Alexander Grace


  1. I love the penjalom idea is on point , exactly what I have been saying for years . Definitely needs to balance out . Zero respect for Men , especially real Men

  2. I have big story to tell
    I use work as an internship in the kitchen, life was fine, i’m young energetic ,passionate, working hard(im not making this up) and doing my best for myself and the company i really do. Many times boss been really rough but i its fine, its for the best , so that can improve from with this harsh experience. Till one day my eyes open when a new internship arrive, a girl , working in same position as me. She’s doing just fine(but not better than me)and they all treat her well but instead Keep treating my like slave. I once drink redbull in early morning to work as hard and as best as possible for them (which is never enough). They treat her like a regular people BUT instead treat me a machinery and yet we get paid THE SAME!!!!

  3. Male privilege does exist, but that had now been moved to the rich and elite. We all are the same, however that's the circle feminism is comparing it's goals too. There are rich man who've killed and raped women, but they have to much money to touch and too well connected to prosecute. I've heard many lawyer stories behind the scenes. But the average every day man under $200k is with the rest of us. Male privilege and female privilege alike is more so shifted away from white people to celebrities. OJ Simpson is a prime example if this fact. How else did he get off? Certainly not because he was a man, nor black but his celebrity awarded him privilege in my opinion.

  4. In the dating realm

    Men are soooooooo privileged. Life is so much easier for men. Must be hard getting tons of messages and validation from hundreds of guys and choosing between Chad and Chad Lites. Must also be hard having guys buy you stuff and offer to buy you stuff from your amazon wish list even though you didn't do anything. Or get tons of money from views/followers/subscribers from YouTube and Instagram and twitch. Even if you don't have any real talent.

  5. Do you think that "General Statement" and "General Statement" is true Generally?
    Women: We can't generalize because every girl is different.
    I am different. (said every girl ever)

  6. "It's very generalistic." A vapid and hollow reply, and what a common one. Except, we all make generalizing statements, because that's what it is to pick up on a pattern and talk about it. I.e., It's cold in the Rockies. It's hot in the tropics. Nobody minds these generalizing statements when they're benign. State one that's unflattering, and my lord, people fall to pieces. They are not protesting the generalization either. They are protesting having to confront an unflattering pattern of behavior, one they are not prepared to admit. Soon as they use the generalizing objection, they should be disqualified from the conversation.

  7. To the women that don't believe in female privilege, they only go after men where female biased doesn't affect them… Like the Chad's. In society Chad's and Ray Rays aren't effected as heavily as the average guys and the reason is preselection protects the kind of men women want proposals from. It punishes all sorts of average men including hideous women who are also treated like dudes.


  8. Which gender is it that for centuries has spent every day of their life working to provide for and protect their mate and children? Which gender has built all of the worlds cities? Which gender has died by the millions protecting their countries, fighting for freedom? Which gender occupies the grueling, unsafe, dirty and taxing jobs that are essential to keep society functioning? This idea of male privilege is created in minds of people separated from the struggle. Only people living a life of extreme privilege would not be able to see the many sacrifices made by men. Imagine the millions of lifetimes men spent digging trenches, farming food, mining coal, laying block and building housing so that our families may have a comfortable place to live. We built a society so technologically advanced and abundant that it is granting those who are enjoying that privilege the ability to forget who built it in the first place.

  9. I work in a hospital as a physiotherapist. The only 3 charges above me are all women. Even they reserve job positions for women even though in Spain there's 60% of female healthcare workers. I am now unemployed by the way, because I can't get one of these "women positions" and need to wait for the next exam. I will pay my bills with monopoly notes.

  10. asian woman "yes (big smile) but I'm not one of them (continues to smile)
    yer sure……..
    so she wants to be a man to make friends easier
    many time men are expected to do the dangerous/hard jobs and go to war
    and for the most of us women can pick and choose if they want us or not
    yes many women are picked by men for their looks but women do the same on top of work,money,social status……
    did you forget that?

  11. As for me, I'm proud to be a man and never complained about not to be a female. Permanent progressing, achieving something, making impact, getting better, bringing value. What a wonderful and meaningful life!

  12. It doesn't make sense to say "in some areas women are privileged". Privilege is systematic, it lies in all the little things that make up your life. Power balance at home, at work, in love etc. These women are just being bombarded with questions that formulated in a way in order to sort of lead them to answer like that, just trying to be empathetic and nice. That's because women always feel like they have to be sweet and pleasant and nice around men, and that's part of the problem.

  13. Male privilege definitely exists but sadly only for the minority of males. Our world is generally ruled by butality. The more dominating , aggressive males win , all the rest lose. I wish things would change ?.

  14. It's funny how women will have no problem telling men all about themslves and that men are this or that but when it's turned on them: "Well, everyone has their own problems and you have to look at people as individuals."

  15. You can see how some of them really struggle to disagree, because they can´t find arguments. They are programmed to think in a certain way. The most notorious "argument" when you don´t have any, is the old "you can´t generalize". Oh, ok, so we can´t use statistics, or we can´t talk about nations, cultures, or communities; we should treat the issue, case by case, person by person, of the entire globe… rrrright…

    Saying that men have got all the power in the dating scene, proves that women have no clue. No clue at all. They live in their own matrix.

    To the question about demanding equality when they want, but coming back to traditional roles when it benefits them, one said that men do it too. WHAT??? Who, when, HOW???!!
    This is depressing.